Introduction Jingmei

Scene of beauty – Glory of Jingmei


(By Shu Chin/Jingmei)

“Jingmei” is a fascinating name that might originate from “Jingwei”, the name of a wooden watering device. However, the elder people told us “Jingmei” was conformed from the Taiwanese pronunciation of “ChienWei”, meaning that people in the past picked the fish one by one in the fish mart.  

Jingmei, located in the southern part of Taipei, is the joint point of Xindian Stream and Jingmei Stream. The geographic position has made it a trade place for traders from MuzhaXindianJhongheGongguan. From the interviews, we found one Chinese herb medicine store running over 100 years in the Jingmei Market. It proves the history of this ancient market.  

To discover the beauty and the history of Jingmei, we have seven teams to visit Jingmei Market and Jingmei Night Market and to report Arts and Cultural Events and Jingmei Recreational Activities . Some drew the Map of Jingmei, consolidated Transportation Information and Interviewed Precinct Chiefs . Some residents even brought up their Vision of Jingmei . Team members also shared their thoughts  after these interviews.

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