Night Market

(By Jenny, Lisa, Vanessa at Jinmei Night Market)

With the change of our social demands, the stores at Jingmei marketplace extend their business hours to the evening.  Gradually, other businesses have moved in to the community.  It slowly forms a small night market to satisfy the needs of the people who live in the nearby neighborhood such as Xindian, Jhonghe, Yonghe, the people who work in the industrial area, and the students who study at the Normal University, Jingmei Branch, Chengchi University, China University of Technology, and the Shixin University.  In its peak time, within 500-meter radius around the “Jiing Temple,” there are shopping malls, department stores, movie theaters, Karaoke, hospital, police station, and fire department.  It satisfies everybody’s needs

Jingmei Night Market is a traditional night market.  It gathers up to a hundred all kinds of different stands and stores.  If you enter the night market from Jingjhong Street, you will see.Each of these seven areas has its own characteristics and specialties!

Night Market Entrance

In this area, you will find all kinds of food stands.  Sesame Oil Chicken and the Broiled Squid are two major representatives.

Temple Entrance

 In this area, there are mostly daily necessities consumer goods stands.  The major representative is Sugar Cane Juice.

The 1st Horizontal St

There are many different types of snack and food here.  The most popular food stands are Shanghai Fried Stuffed Bun and BBQ.

The 2nd Horizontal St

 Mostly are arcades and video game stores.  Not recommended to the students or parents.

The 3rd Horizontal St

More various food stands.  You can find teppanyaki, hot and spicy food, beef fried noodles, and so on.  They are all delicious!

Jingmei Street

 In the first half, mostly are daily necessities consumer goods.  In the last half, there are more food stands such as friend noodles and dessert stands.  Tofu Pudding stand is the representative.

Other areas

 It covers Jingwen Street and Far Eastern Geant supermarket areas.  There are a few popular food stands here.  They are worth visiting.

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