Recreational Activities

(Reported by Chung Lin, Jacky, Jason/ Jingmei Recreational Report)

In additional to the parks in Jingmei District for the resident recreational activities, the other two attractive and important sites are Xianji Rock Hiking Trail and Jingmei Stream Bikeway.

The attractive spots close to Jingmei District for sightseeing include Bitan rowboats, Wulai spring, Pinglin tea tasting, Taipei Zoo, Maokong cable car, Shiding Old Street, Shiding tofu etc. It is worth to arrange a half-day or one-day trip to these places.  Besides, the variety of recreational activities meets the needs of all family members.

In addition to above, there is a flower market located on the intersection of Roosevolt Road and Xinglong Road.  It is better than the one on Jianguo South Road in terms of market size and surroundings.  It is also convenient for parking.  There will be a new park next to it in 2009.  It is expected that the recreational activities in Jingmei will become much more diversified.

Xianji Rock Hiking Trail  ★ Jingmei Stream Bikeway  

Interview with Bicycle New Culture Fundentation regarding Jingmei Stream Bikeway's Setup

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