•  Nickname: Become- fish

•  Star sign :Crab

•  Interests: Joging, swimming, ball game, dancing, playing piano.

•  E-MAIL: aabb86109@yahoo.com.tw


What difficulties I met in this activity :We met a lot of difficulties when we all started to prepare for this competition .

First, we had to interview some expert for our web , I could not taking after school lessons.

The second is we had to think deeply and write down some questions. It took a lot of time.

Third, we had to speed up our writing when we interviewed the experts or we might lost some answers they told us .


I'm really happy to attend this competition with all team members. It's so great to communication and discuss with each other in our team.

Though making this web took a lot of time, I learned a lot of valuable experiences and knowledge. In order to give you a perfect web, you know, we did work very hard , and it was fun . We hope that we could share all these with you. Hope you will be touched when you browse this web!


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