The formation of Hengchun folk song came mainly from the people in the early age of Taiwan's migration history (about 18 century) who migrate across the sea from China Mainland to here. The life of farming this new land was very hard. In order to relieve, they would sang tunes made up by themselves with words about their daily life. People to people, everyone around here knew these songs finally, and the writer could not be specified any more.

There was another saying about the creation of these folk song : certain balladeer,singer,chanter has made them, and sang around in Henchun area. But consider the inconvenient traffic in that time, it was most unlikely that songs could be popularized this way.

Besides, the word of every Chengchun folk song was not fixed. Most singer back in that early time could not read. The words were changed according to the atmosphere or the singer's feeling freely at the moment he sang them. People used to think that Hengchun folk songs are sorrowful, but with some change, they can be very cute too.


The rhythm can be changed as singer wishes also. And the tune varies slightly to avoid homonyms as singer needed. No matter how they were changed, Hengchun folk songs has their own style always. They talk about the life, events, scenery or the singer's feeling about these things.


The content of Hengchun folk song

To learn the content of Hengchun folk songs, here are some examples:

¡§Ox tail¡¨ teache young woman the way to get along with her husband's
family when she get married, and express the gratitude or complaint to her
own parents then.

¡§Thinking of¡¨ is perhaps the most well known tune, it is all about scenes
and praising.

¡§Five Holes¡¨ emphasizes in missing or sorrow in one's heart.

¡§Four Season Spring¡¨ is used by young people to sing love songs to each

¡§Pingpu¡¨ tune is used to educate people's spirit : hard working, doing good
things etc., just like ¡§Farming Song¡¨ by Mr. Sin-Der Zen. This one is the
easiest for a beginner to learn. The ¡§Fengang Songs¡¨ is about the same as
¡§Pinpu¡¨ tune as well.

The mission of Hengchun folk song

a. Culture inheritance. We can see how our ancestors lived, and the
struggle they made.

b. Tighten the unity. Hengchun people share this common memories.

c. A worthy feature in tourism. Hengchun folk songs add nostalgic favor to the beautiful sights and touch tourists' heart more when they visit.


The inheritance of Hengchun folk songs

a. Hengchun Folk Song Society.
b. Manchu Folk Song Society.
c. Folk song party in Hengchun Primary School.
d. Folk song party in Daguang Primary School.
e. Folk song party in Kenting Primary School.
f. Folk song party in Cherchen Primary School.
g. Folk song party in Daguang community.
* Financed by Culture Department, or local sponsors.
* Folk songs need young people in school to inherit. Some schools are short
of fund to do this job, they need immediate attention and help from



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