Type and Feature

There are 3 major features in Hengchun folk songs:

•  They have strong cohesion. No matter how far away from home, as long as folks from Hengchun get together, one Hengchun folk song will bring everyone closer, heart touched, and even crying.


•  They are historical. We know ancestor's life from the lyrics about how they struggled through the hard time.


•  They are very localized. The tunes, lyrics and ways of performance reveal the life style of local people.


Here we introduce to you the 7 types of most well known Hengchun folk songs:


1. Su Hsiang Ki' (Thinking Of )

Music score

2. Pingpu Tune'

3. Fengang Tune'

4. The Ox's Tail'

5. 5-hole Tune'

6. 'Herding Cattle Tune'

7. 'Four Season Spring'


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