Thanks and Bibliograhy


In our studying Hengchun folk songs, though we found a few books and webs about it, they were not enough, for one thing, we couldn't hear anything from those. Having the convenience living in Hengchun ourselves and the eager to show the unique and favorous performance of Hengchun folk songs, we went into the field, interviewed elder people and the societies who are promoting them to collect the first hand data and record some live video clips! Those vedio clips together with the photos and written report from our interviews we made our web vividly. Thanks to Manchu Folk Song Society and Mr. Wu Wei Der, the owner of Chun Chen Bookshop, they taught us a lot about Hengchun folk songs and provided much information needed to carry out our project. Without these knowledge basis, we would not even be able to tell which from which when listened to a folk song.

And many thanks to the folk song singers: Mrs. Chang Zer Guei, Mrs. Chen Ying. Mr. Chen Ying, Mr. Chu Ding Shun too, they played and sang Hengchun folk songs for our recording generously, so you may see many unique and impressive performance clips in our web. These folk song singers are all elder people in Hengchun area, they sing folk songs for over 40 or 50 years, but none of them do this for profit but for the passion of their love to this land. They wish that Hengchun folk songs will be carried on forever, so do we. We like to dedicate our web to those who devote unselfishly to uncover the cultural treasure in this material world and fight to keep them preserved.


Following is a list of the people and societies that help the creation of our web, many thanks to them again.


Mr. Jhu Ding Shun  - Folk song singer.

Mrs. Chen Ying - Folk song singer.

Mr. Pan Zhng Xing - Folk song singer. Chairman, Hengchun Folk Song Society.

Mr. Youn Ming Xyung - Director of Hengchun Folk Song Promotion Association.

Mr. Wu Wei Der - Manager, Chunchen Bookshop.


Mr. Chen Kai-Ping - Project Director, teacher,Hengchun Elementary School.

Mr. Liu Kwan-Zan - Education Director, Hengchun Elementary School.

Ms. Liu Feng-Hwa - Web design director, voluntary worker.


Hengchun Folk Song Society.
Manchu Folk Song Society.
Folk song party in Hengchun Primary School.
Folk song party in Daguang Primary School.
Folk song party in Kenting Primary School.
Folk song party in Cherchen Primary School.
Folk song party in Daguang community.


Following are books and webs we referenced in wrinting the geograph and history background about Hengchun and Hengchun folk songs.



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