City Background

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The city, where those beautiful folk songs showed in this web come from, is our home town - Hengchun.

Located at the southern tip of Taiwan and surrounded by sea on three sides, Henchun Peninsula is known as Taiwan's tail. On the west edge of Pacific ocean, it's about the same latitude as Havana in Cuba. Because of it's variety in special tropic terrain and landscapes, Kenting National Park is found here in 1984, to preserve these gifts from nature. It's the best classroom for studying topography and geology. More than two million tourists visit Kenting National Park every year . It's an inviting destination for travelers to come over and over again.

130 years ago, in the first year of Guangshu of Qing Dynasty(1875), Shen Baojen build a city ,Hengchun County, with wall surrounded in Langqiao.( Hengchun was known as Langqiao in old days.), to defense Qing's claims on Taiwan over the waters surrounding the island.

Hengchun Ancient city is built for the sake of defense with Chinese feng shui. It is centered at Houdong Mountain and surround by four other mountains outside it's wall . It's said in Hengchun County Aimanac. Santai Mountain, suddenly opens up, giving it way to north of the county town; Longluan Mountain, at 6km to the south of the city, is on the left of the county town, Hutou Mountain, at 7km to the north of the town, is on the right. They make the four major protections of Hengchun. Relying on this perfect feng shui, our ancestors hoped they would keep the country prosperous and safe.

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