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  Yiou Ming Xyung  



Interview _ Mr. Jhu Ding Shun

It was a clear day when we went to Wang-sha to visit the man who is recognized as a national treasure, Mr. Jhu Ding Shun.

Our teachers drove us to Mr. Jhu Ding Shun's home. We saw many Yueqins hanging on the wall as we entered the house. These Yueqin are filled with autographs from famous TV program hosts to show that they visit this place too. On the desk, all kinds of trophies and medals piled up. Mr. Jhu also hung several pictures and report clippings about himself from the newspapers on the wall. From all these, you can see why I said that he is a national treasure.

Sitting around Mr. Jhu, we all concentrated ourselves on listening to his folk songs singing. What we heard are songs overwhelm with emotion. Every time he finished, we applauded passionately and couldn't wait for the next. Mr. Jhu said: I learned it because I don't want to see these beautiful folk songs lost in our generation. Like others, I knew nothing about folk songs at the first place.' Mr. Jhu is really great, he learned Yueqin by himself without any teacher. He tried every tone one by one and learned it. Mr. Jhu also writes the lyrics. All these efforts make him so successful today.

Question: Why are you interested in folk songs so much?

Answer:Because I don't want Hengchun folk songs to be lost. I teach children about folk songs, the children in school.

In the old days, the workers made coals at Coal Mountain in Mu Dan, they played Yueqin and sang folk songs every night. There was no teacher. They tried by themselves to play the tunes and chords. Playing Hengchun folk songs, you have to try and find the chords for prelude and interlude yourself.

When singing folk songs, everyone has his own feature. Generally speaking, some people are less capable in sending the flavor in their singings. For those who can, their singings will be more acceptable and attractive.

Question: How can one send the flavor in his singing?

Answer: Start with the experiences in our life. Rich people live wealthily, they do not have the experience of being poor, so their singings will not have this kind of flavor. Because most Hengchun folk songs are about the poverty in true life, if you have been poor in that way since kid, you will reveal the feeling naturally as you sing, and this will send the flavor we talk about.


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