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02/28 /2007
Hengchun Primary School
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Hengchun, Pingtung County , Taiwan


Kai-Ping Chen, Kwan-Zan Liu, Feng-Hwa Liu

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12~13 years old
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Summary of Our Project

 The formation of Hengchun folk song came mainly from the people in the early age of Taiwan's migration history (about 18 century) who migrate across the sea from China Mainland to here. The life of farming this new land was very hard. In order to relieve, they would sang tunes made up by themselves with words about their daily life. People to people, everyone around here knew these songs finally, and the original writer could not be specified any more. There was another saying about the creation of this folk song: certain balladeer has made them, and sang around in Henchun area. But consider the inconvenient traffic then; it was most unlikely that songs could be popularized this way. The rhythm can be changed as singer wishes. And the tune varies slightly to avoid homonyms as singer needed. No matter how they were changed, Hengchun folk songs have their own style always. They talk about the life, events, scenery or the singer's feeling about these things.

Hengchun folk song includes five tones: ¡§Ox tail¡¨,¡§Thinking of¡¨,¡§Five Holes¡¨,¡§Four Season Spring¡¨,¡§Pingpu¡¨ ¡§Farming Song¡¨.

In the past some thirty years, Taiwan has continuously promoted the folk music in all efforts. This project intends to record the process of the refinement of folk music. By way of promoting the beauty of the folk musical culture, we expect to have mutual international interaction, and further to surge the new life of innovation, continuation, exploration, and development for the folk music.

Our Computer/Internet Access

A) Percentage of students using the Internet at home: more than 60%

B) Number of workstations with Internet access in the classroom: 1

C) Connection speed used in the classroom: dedicated connection

D) Number of years your classroom has been connected to the Internet: more than 6

There is one- computer classrooms in our school, consisting of 35 computers. They regard Switch Hub as the network backbone (100MB) . Our school's LAN is connected with Pingtong City Education Network Center via EPON(Ethernet Passive Optical Network), and in turn, linked to Taiwan Academic Network. Apart from the computer room, computers in faculty offices can also be hooked on the Internet. There are one Server, WWW Server, Proxy Server, E-Mail Server, etc.

Problems We Had to Overcome

•  It is not easy to get in touch with Mr. Jhu Ding Shun, and Mrs.Chen Ying, the famous folk song singer here. After we did, thanks to them, we were able to have contacts with other important folk song singers and interviewed them.

•  It is difficult to arrange a schedule for all our team members besides their regular school time.

To dispatch task among all the members was complicated. For our theme study, the member must write many learning sheets, interview records and thoughts, the task load was impressive, so we decided to set up a ¡§single window¡¨. All the work was to be submitted in electronic files to Kai-Ping's mailbox. This way, not only the issue was solved, the efficiency was also increased.

For more detail, please reference our narrative page in Gyberfair

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