Can you tell? This big pot is re-made from machine parts? Cultural materials in the military dependents village Cultural materials in the military dependents village Cultural materials in the military dependents village
Cultural relics of military dependents' village reminds the first generation of the tough days at the resistance civil war, reminds the second generation of the warmth of village life in old days, and makes the third generation experience their ancestors' history.


We saw the past of military dependents' villages as well as its unique culture both in Hsinchu Museum of Military Dependents' Village and Taipei Hsinyi Citizen Hall.

In the era of Ą§fighting back ChinaĄ¨, villagers overcame the difficulty of limited resources with survivor spirit: artillery box became storage box, flour bag became boy's underwear, discarded bomb hanging rack from airplane became the chair at home; discarded aluminum slips became the pot, basin, ladle, chair, steamer, even urinal; discarded oxygen cylinder transformed into drinking fountainĄK, villagers fully utilized the resources by recycling in order to survive in the difficult times.

What's the spirit of military dependents' village? Maybe its' hard to explain clearly in short sentences or words, by looking at those cultural relics, we seemed to already know the answer.

Artillery box ĄG
the artillery box of U.S.A. M101 tank was made of thick wood with delicate work used as storage box
dustpans were made of aluminum materials.

Flour bag ĄG
the flour was donated by the United Nations with imprint of Ą§World Food ProjectĄ¨. After using off the flour, the bag could be used as clothes. Underwears Ą§made by Chinese and AmericanĄ¨ women were quite impressive.

Aluminum-made bathtub ĄG aluminum from discarded airplane was molded, combined, repaired into lasting and during daily tools, such as aluminum bathtub.

Shovel, etc.ĄG
American made tool, is the early military tool, as well as a useful daily tool in a family.

Steamer ĄG
was made from discarded airplane materials.

no private washroom in early village days; public washrooms were used, which is the experiences shared among residents in the military dependents village. This urinal was for male use only, made of iron sheets.

Drinking fountain at difficult times ĄG
use oxygen cylinders on discarded airplane to re-engineer into drinking fountain.

Table lampĄG
one household was allocated one bulb only in the early village days. Lamp holder was made by themselves for kids study, connecting cables and putting on bulb as the lighting sources of studying and hand crafting.

Bomb hanging rack ĄG
originally the bomb rack on airplane, turned into chairs after village residents' reuse to make the best use of the materials.

one bicycle was used to take my wife and kids everywhere.

Briquette stove ĄG
fuel used at the military dependents village; there were coal, briquette, coal oil used chronologically. Briquette was the common fuel at the military dependents village; oil bucket and briquette stove were made from discarded buckets.

Cheongsam ĄG embroidery cheongsam was too cherished to wear then, but is too small to wear now; it can only be a memento.

Tool boxĄG
M21 bullet box (small iron box) as tool box.

some photos is provide by Hsinchu Museum of Military Dependents Village