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Genuine hometown flavor, fulfilling material, and cheap price are the key features of the food in the military dependents' villages.


For many who have lived in the military dependents ' village, the life there is a nice memory yet full of difficulty. Because of the failure of the civil war, limited resources, and low pay of soldiers, the early days of village life was very basic. Poverty was the common problem faced by all villagers. But from the other angle, because most people were separated from their relatives and friends cross the strait, military dependents ' village became their new home; neighbors became the family. There were accents from south and north, and full of local snacks from both sides of the Great River ; everyone helped each other, relied on each other to go through those difficult days.

At that time, the government was in financial difficulty, and most soldiers were underpaid. It ' s hard to make a living, so dependents did some home crafting or sold snacks to earn some income. Thus, the military dependents ' village became the source of snack foods with Chinese local flavors.

Southern Chinese are used to eating rice and northern Chinese are used to eating noodle since ancient times. Taiwanese mainly eat rice. As northern Chinese was the majority of the retreating troops, noodle culture entered into Taiwanese food.

Flour-made products can be used as principal food as well as snack. It is normally categorized into four groups: cold water noodle, hot noodle, yeast noodle, and crispy leveled noodle. Snacks sold at the western pastry shop are mostly made from crispy leveled noodles, while snacks of military dependents' village mainly belong to the first three categories. The description is listed below:

cold water noodle ĄG

It is also called cool water noodle, dead noodle, or dull noodle. Its features are strong (tenacious), white color, and comfortable in mouth. As long as adding appropriate proportion of cold water, it can be rubbed into different qualities of dough. Cold water dough is suitable to stew, fry, deep fry. Some has fillings (such as dumplings, fried dumplings) and no fillings (such as noodles, dough bits). Moreover, many products are made from paste, such as spring roll wrap, cake, salty cake and red bean cake sandwich, etc. Certainly, most applications of cold water paste are all kinds of noodles.

hot noodle ĄG


It's also called boiling water noodle or warm water noodle. Its features are strong, formable, uneasy to change shape, easy to color, slightly sweet and tender in mouth, most suitable to fry, steam, pan bake, such as steam dumplings, shaumai, green onion pastry, fried bun, etc.

yeast noodle ĄG


Add yeast in the flour and rub into dough. Wait for a while and it becomes yeast noodle. The purpose is to make dough swell by generating gas with wine smell and special flavor. It makes dough tender for easy shaping. Bread, bun, and steam bun with stuffing are all made of yeast noodle.
Common food at the military dependents ' village everywhere ĄG
beef noodle bun dumpling small steam bun with stuffing
beef roll red bean pan cake soybean milk deep-fried fluffy dough stick
sesame seed cake with deep-fried fluffy dough stick leeks box water-fried bun with stuffing

green onion pastry

steam dumpling fried dumpling

BBQ duck

sugar-fried chestnut