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The Instructing Teacher-Ms.Ye Zih-Wei's Reflections

I've been a teacher in Taipei for ten years before I work here in Changhua. There are lots of challenges in different educational environments. I have always been positive to the junior high students even though they are usually immature, rebellious and stubborn at this time. Teaching teenagers for me is like a test of self-cultivation. After teaching these years, all my class has become a solid and harmonious big family. It's really comforting.

Ms.Ye Zhi-Wei.

However, this year I have three students with special needs in the class. One is learning-disable, another is mood-disordered, and the other is mental retarded. I felt nervous and worried for the lack of my knowledge about special education. Besides, I was informed that my mom had lung cancer just on the day before the fist day of school. All these situations made me hard to believe and I just wanted to get rid of it by taking several days off. But it was impossible and my mom wished to see me work as usual. Finally, I had to take care of my students at school, babies at home and my mom at the same time. It's really exhausting.

Ms.Ye's mother and baby.

Soon, what I worried really happened one day. All the other students in my class couldn't get along well with the three students with special needs. You could hear their discriminating words or see mean tricks all the times. They couldn't really understand how to respect people who have disabilities even though I have been teaching them to do so. Later on, Wang-Chu's parents suggested everyone to visit Cih-Sheng Charity”, which is a school for vulnerable kids, and donated their used clothes. I still remembered that rainy day when everyone listened to the teacher's instruction with umbrellas in one hand and bags of clothes in the other hand. In“Cih-Sheng”, some kids have different kinds of disabilities, and others are abandoned by their parents. We all realized how happy we are and what we should do is to help people in need instead of teasing or bullying them, including our classmates at school.

Ms. Ye and her baby.

Because Wang-Chu’s parents are the volunteers in “Cih-Sheng”, I suggested my students to choose “Cih-Sheng” as the topic for our Cyber Fair project and really get involved in all the activities. By doing this, they can spread their love and stop being selfish. But besides sacrificing their holidays, they might have difficulties in writing meeting records and summery of the interviews. I tried not to hurt their self-respect while rewriting their work. Also, we need to learn a lot about filming and computers.

On the other hand, I became emotional because of my mother’s long-term treatments. But when I saw these kids with disabilities are positive of their every day life, I saw the value of life and miracles. Now, all I wished was that my mom could get over her illness, and faced the test of life with my students. Besides, by participating in the Internet Cyber Fair, I really wish more people know our local charities and realize the unselfish love, and the most important and meaningful things for the students, that is, experiencing, thankful, cherishing and sharing.

Ms. Ye and our class.
The whole class participated in this activity.

How many years has our teacher, Mrs. Yeh, taught ?
(A) For ten years (B) For twenty years