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Cih-Sheng, Mrs. Yang.

1.Could you tell me what reason you become President? Served as Dean of Tsu students love how long time?

My father-in-law is doctor Yang Laoju physician in Changhua, my mother-in-law did, Changhua County councilmen and members of the first province, two founding Tsz Yan Oi Hospital. Her mother-in-law she is 81 years old removed as President, wants me to take over, from 79 to now about 20 years or so.

2. Personnel working in this way is a full time or a volunteer? How to assign? What are the nature of the work?

Mostly full time, full time, only a small portion is part-time. Here children more and more, join the campaign must put employees and teachers, through colleagues, three months after the interview time to observe, assess, each employee must receive professional training, even the President is no exception. Teaching and nursing staff, social workers, based on the proportion employed, based on what they learn and expertise allocation exercise.

Staff include: Administration, social work, teaching and nursing, accounting, cashiers, kitchen workers, drivers, therapists (physical, functional, linguistic), the art teacher, dance teacher, master of the psychological counseling.

3. When the President on, has been having a hard time? How to overcome?

To not understand, does not tell children how to teach, how they really need. This challenges me totook over as the President struggled for a long time, but always believes that a sentence, "as long as the heart, can be overcome". Fortunately, walk all the way to meet lots of nice people, their counselling, assistance, make me a step by step make the impossible possible. For example: original Yuan all year not to go back, slowly under encourage, persuade, has nearly half of parents willing to back to reunite children in holiday.

Our group with Mrs. Yang.
4. After you became President of, what are the things you remember most Carved?

One child admission is soft when lying down, unable to sit, stand, after a team effort, and under suitable assistive device, has been able to stand up and go to school, his life changed. One parent, consanguineous marriage, gave birth to two children with severe disabilities, but she is always not far from successful, in years of hard work under the weak, voluntary donations of land, houses, the intention is to hope that we can increase the number of resettlement, so that more disabled children had a feel of home. Such a great sentiment, and how can I forget, how can you not admire

5. Mercy Health love ' of homes have lots of business requires huge funds, could the source?

First, Founder of the donor.

Second, the Director contributed.

Third, the kindness of the Community contribution.

Four, the Government subsidy.

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6. When the President of what?

Terms according to the Board of Trustees decided to approach and gives comprehensive acting Academy

7. Establishment of the old conception and purpose of UN-Habitat workshop?

Physically and mentally challenged children learn slowly, forgetting fast, a level hard to come down on the outside, they are not competitive, but they have to teach them how to learn life skills, motives, established the "old square"

8. The event, you (your votes decide the power of love) what do you think? Percussion can still valid?

Tze born children are interested in music, they pulled rib hurts when doing rehabilitation, but playing their favorite music, there will be stabilized. Music and dance can focus, is a very good way. Wishes to set up a percussion group, let them have another stage, develop their potential, but if nothing is selected, as long as funds permit, would still find a way to set up.

9. What are your expectations on this group of students?

Hope they live to care and develop good practices, etiquette, work skills, no longer a drag on others, from being consumers to being producers.

Secondhand clothing donations.
10. What awards have? the most impressive?

"TSE-Yan Oi Hospital" in recent years, the evaluation of the Department of the Interior is excellent, cheerleading competition the national cum laude, nursery grounds for the kids on "miner's son" organized by the province's singing competition, are third. Child-care institutions organized child care Association Dance Championship.

11.The hospital is accepting donations of second-hand?

We are grateful for donations of second-hand, first select the right, rest and then changed hands to the needy people, such as Hobo ... , Best use is not a waste of resources.

Does Cih-Sheng accept the used things donation?
(A) Yes (B) No