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Life Experience1
Being one-day volunteer of“School Age Team”- Yu-Jyun.
 Being one-day volunteer of
“School Age Team”- Yu-Jyun.

At first, the team leader, Ms. Liou took us to visit Cih-Sheng, and told us what volunteer is and what we should do. Coincidentally, one of the children would like to shake hands with me, but I didn't do it at that moment. Ms. Liou said, “They are just too enthusiastic and glad to see you.” I mustered up my courage and shook hands with him. His hand was cold but his smile warmed my heart.

One of the children we served tried to climb onto the window. I stopped him because it was a very dangerous behavior. Then, I taught them to do the homework and counting, and then helped to fold their clothes. I found that they have their own numbers on their clothes.

The students' artworks in Cih-Sheng.

During the lunch time, I was responsible to feed them. Although there is some rice falling on the table, I still did my best to finish my duty and assisted them to brush their teeth and go to sleep. We went to Mariposa to eat our lunch around 1P.M.. The waiters in the restaurant were also the students in Cih-Sheng. They were nice, and the food was very delicious.

The students' artworks in Cih-Sheng.

In the afternoon, we taught the students to write the homework of winter vacation. One of them took a police toy car and kept asking me questions with smile. Then, I changed my job with Yi-Han. I joined the “Early Intervention Team” and ate with them. They ate all the food. Finally, it came to the end of being one-day volunteer. When we were leaving, one boy held my hand and asked, “Will you come again?” I felt a little bit sad at that moment.

Today, I worked as a volunteer in Cih-Sheng all day. I was not tired, but kept wondering why they have to suffer from the pains of bodies and minds. Is that their destiny? I hoped they could live and grow up happily, and I also expected to meet them next time.

Being one-day volunteer of “School Age Team”-Yai-Han.
 Being one-day volunteer of
“School Age Team”- Yai-Han.

I was one-day volunteer in Cih-Sheng today. The team leader, Ms. Liou told us some rules and how to assist the teachers. I assisted children to do their homework and played with them.

At noon, we had to feed them. They ate so slowly, but the teachers encouraged them to eat it all. If I were the teacher, I would feel angry and yell at them. Then, it's time for sleeping, and the children helped each other fold the quilts. They were cute when sleeping. Some of them watched TV in the living room, one of them played a trick on me. It's so interesting!

The students' artworks in

One girl was doing the puzzle. Although she had difficulty in speaking, we still taught her the skills of speaking patiently. When she said, “Sister” to me with shy, I felt so happy because I didn't have any brothers or sisters to take care of before.

When we were leaving, she asked me when I would come back again; I felt sweet from her but feel sad for her poor background.

What did we do with the students in Cih-Sheng?
(A) Take care of their daily needs
(B) Dance with them