The Oringins


Yu xuan


The poet Teacher Yao

It is said that a wise head makes a close mouth. Heroes are not necessarily to be seen, many are kept anonymous and not known to others. There are many anonymous heroes all over Taiwan using their hands to create the art of life. Therefore, our team has chosen one to introduce to you.

“The silver candle lightened in Autumn chilled the screen. She pats the fireflies with a thin-material fan and looks up at the cowherd and the weaver girl...” Wow! Isn’t this poem beautiful? This poem “Qixi” by Mu Du describes the pale beauty of the autumn evening vividly in few words. The poems from Tang Dynasty are well-known in the world, some are more known by their beautiful words. Just imagining the elegant pictures can make one touch the beautiful scenes.


He was teaching us.

The one we’re introducing today has a close relationship to the poems from Tang Dynasty. He’s a poet who has written some Tang poems. To us, most people write modern poems nowadays. Not knowing much about the Tang poetry, it has occurred to me that why it’s so difficult to write the Tang poems. It is difficult enough to choose the proper words and match the tones throughout the whole poem, can’t even think of becoming a poet.

Therefore, the one we chose is a poet and hopefully we will learn something about the Tang poetry from him. Let’s look at the poet we interview, Teacher Zhi Yao.