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The Fight to Save Electricity!

【 圖片:酷酷小尖兵】

The heat of summer is usually unbearable, and uses the most electricity. Everyone wrote down a plan to save electricity and completed it!

Everyone tried their best to write down a plan and accomplish it with their family. They invited their family members to write down their thoughts on saving energy, and summarized the results of saving energy. Wow, what an accomplishment!

During this hot summer vacation, to save electricity, unless the heat was really unbearable, we avoided turning on the air conditioning. If we did, it was to 28 degrees, and used in combination with the fan to quickly lower the indoor temperature. We felt cool very quickly. We not only save money for my mother, we also did something for the planet! No matter how difficult, it was worth it!

"The Fight to Save Electricity" student projects- Click on the picture below for enlargement!



Although it was a difficult fight conserving energy during the summer, we had great results. After talking with my family, we decided to not only try to keep the AC off, and use fan mores, we would take public transportation out and take the stairs instead of the elevator. For the health of Earth, our whole family joined the fight, and we not only saved a lot of electricity fees, we also did what we could for Earth. Two things at once! I was worth it.



To let everyone have a beautiful Earth, we did not turn on the AC and used the fan as less as possible. To survive in the heat of summer wasn't easy, but it saved money, so it was two accomplishments at once.



In August, our family wanted to work together for the health of Earth, so we decided to not turn on the air conditioning. However, the blistering sun was very unkind, and we had to turn it on a few times. This taught our family how hard it was to conserve electricity.


Saving electricity is really difficult, because not being able to turn on the air conditioning during the summer is unbearable. My family was whining about it too, but to save energy we had to endure it. Everybody should continue to conserve energy. Don't give up! You can do it!  


Though the summer was hot, but our minds were cool, so it was ok that we didn't turn on the air conditioning. For the sake of reduction of greenhouse gases, we did a lot this summer, conserved a lot of energy, and helped the Earth a lot. This kind of operation is a three in one!


You need to get in the habit of saving electricity. This time the person in our family with the most contribution was daddy. He usually likes to use the AC, but this time it was like he was sick or something! He didn't even use the AC when he was sleeping. Looks like we'll have to call him god in the future.


For this operation, our whole family had to bear with the heat and use only fans. We changed our appliance using habits and used energy conserving ways to save electricity, money, and power. I hope that my efforts can help the protection of the environment!


Although using the fan isn't as cool as the air conditioning, using the latter for too long makes the outside even hotter, causing me to use the air conditioning more! But when you use the fan, you can get use to the outside temperature so it doesn't seem as hot outside.


To save electricity, this summer felt especially long for my family. It was really hot, but to save electricity, I slept with my parents instead of in my own room. After I saw that the electricity bill was less than usual though, I felt the motive to keep on.


This summer I hardly turned on the lights, and didn't use the air conditioning, so not only did I save a lot of electricity, but also a lot of money. Transportation wise, I took the bus and MRT to school. I guess I really tired my best for the planet!


I believe that if we work together to conserve electricity, the Earth will get better. For example: Using the fan to replace air conditioning, and opening the shades and using sunlight to replace lights when sun is out. These are all great ways!


The easiest way to save electricity is to use the fan more and the AC less! Although only using the fans is a bit hot, but we All we have to do is bear with it a bit, and then we can not only cure Earth, but also sake on the electricity bill! Isn’t that two results from one thing? Let’s Go!



There are in fact many ways to conserve electricity. We can use different ways to let the Earth be reborn. Let's give it a new life, and a healthy body. Go Go Earth!


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