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Title: Operation Greenhouse Effect
Category: 7. Environmental Awareness
URL: http://librarywork.taiwanschoolnet.org/gsh2007/gsh4987/index.htm
Bibliography: http://librarywork.taiwanschoolnet.org/gsh2007/gsh4987/data/Bibliography.htm
School: Taipei Mnicipal Bin Jiang Elementary School Taipei, Taiwan, Taiwan
Our School's Web Site: http://www.bjes.tp.edu.tw
Classes and Teachers: Chi-ying, Huang, Hwei-Yuan Yeh, Su-Chin Tian

12 students: Jacky, Henrry, Regina, Linda, Amy, Wendy, Ruby, Ben, Sandy, Cindy,  Coco, Amada

Our Local Community is:

We live in Taipei City, and in response to the global effort to control climate changes, we, Taipei City, as a member of the international community and global village, cannot forget our responsibilities. We enthusiastically plan and set into motion many actions to control greenhouse gas emission, cooperate in international reduction conferences and organizations, and exchange experience and ideas with foreign cities on the efforts of reduction. This is to let the international community understand what Taipei City is doing to stabilize the climate and work for a better future. Accomplishing our responsibilities as a member of the global community and promoting Taipei City's international status and reputation should be a focus of the overall plan to respond to the world's changing climates.

Drawing Poster Pictures Using the Computer Diving Work Learning to Use Digital Equipment Promoting Taking Action for Reduction
An overview of our research plan:

Recently, the Earth's climate has undergone dramatic changes. In the year 2001, Taipei city was hit by Typhoon Nari, the worst in a hundred years. Then in 2002, the city was struck by a drought and the hottest summer in 50 years. International studies point out that in the last 200 years, human produced greenhouse gases accumulating is a reason for unusual global climates that we cannot neglect. Because of this, the UN, under the general ideal of international cooperation on environmental protection, has produced the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, and in 1997, the Kyoto Protocol, to proclaim that all developed countries be responsible for lowering the amount of greenhouse gases produced. Now, the details of the Kyoto Protocol have reached international consensus, and has been put into force as of February 16th, 2005. The world is now entering a new era where greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide will be controlled.
We are the "Environmental Scouts", and we are making plans and actively trying to lower the amount of greenhouse gases. This activity is also integrated with Bin Jiang Elementary School's "Bin Jiang Learning" program, to use the spirit of caring for our environment in a themed educational project. This will allow students to directly take notice of the greenhouse gas produced by everyday activities, to understand the relationship between personal behavior and the amount of gas released, and to try to make plans to achieve reduction. Further more, a self consciousness of "taking action for reduction" should be developed, and should help build a role model for younger grades, further influencing parents, families, and communities through these classes. We hope that through this research project, we can accomplish reduction of greenhouse gases to do what we can for the Earth that we all live on.

Jacky Henrry Regina Linda

Though I didn't know anything about the greenhouse effect before this, after this cyberfair, I've slowly known more and more. Besides understanding that global warming is intensifying, we need to pay attention to environmental protection and conserve energy. We need to care for our sick Earth, and nature, to let it recover earlier, or we will be the ones to suffer. Not only are extreme climates appearing, we will also lose many animals and plants on the verge of extinction. Because of human destruction, Earth's valuable resources are rapidly diminishing. After half a year of work, searching for data, listening to lectures, interviewing, and discussing with our classmates, I've learned a lot, and it was also fun, so it was worth it. About the problem of the greenhouse effect, even if the cyberfair is over, I will still pay attention to it all the time. I believe that if everyone tries to protect the environment, the Earth will be clean and healthy forever.

Amy Wendy Ruby Ben
Discuss the copyright and intellectual property rights of the research webpage.

Our contents are mostly from books, internet searches, and interviews, but have been summarized and recorded after team members have thought and discussed through the information. The words and pictures are fully cited, and for the interviews, we thank the subjects, Li-Lin Huang, Taipei City EPB First Section, Section Chief, Liou, Ming-Lone, EQPF Chairman, and Shin-Cheng Yeh, Dean of NKNU Graduate Institute of Environmental Education for providing us with information and allowing us to use it.

As respect to other intellectual property, we have a page on Resources and Citations, which details the individual items we've used, in respect to the cyber fair's regulations on intellectual property rights. This also allows children to build up a correct view towards copyright laws and intellectual property rights.

Sandy Cindy Coco Amada

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