6 decades ago,

as the Nationalist government failed
in the civil warbetween
Kuomintung and Chinese Communist Party, a massive wave of immigration occurred across the Taiwan Strait . Approximately one million of so-called ¡§provincial families¡¨ or ¡§external provincial persons¡¨ came to Taiwan with the government. Most of them were soldiers and their dependents dwelling in different places dispersively. In order to help them settle down, the government built many military dependents' villages named ¡§Bamboo Fences¡¨. With time passing, these formed a very special family having its own culture of villages and lifestyle.  

Taking ¡§Bamboo Fences¡¨ to describe dependents' villages implies the meanings of ¡§segregation¡¨ and ¡§isolation¡¨. Indeed, it's the situation of dependents' villages in early times. However, as time changed, ¡§Bamboo Fences¡¨ surrounding dependents' villages were torn down with urban renewal, reconstruction of dependents' villages, outward moving of the residents for studying and marriage, etc. It's a pity that we can sense a tendency of confrontation and discord among Taiwan 's races and families due to the previous elections in recent years, making people on this land worry. We made interviews with many veterans or honorary soldiers, their dependents, and the younger generation. By means of this project report research, we hope to enhance more comprehension and understanding between different races and families. Furthermore, we hope to make people inside/outside the ¡§Bamboo Fences¡¨ all realize that ¡§We are families¡¨ through this project report. During the process of interviews, we were deeply affected by the intense emotion that the first,the second,and even the third

generations of honorary soldiers had to this land, because all of them had
already settled down and taken root here.