Caring for the Disadvantaged and Spreading the Seeds of Love


Mr. Huang, Chien-jen


     From Hsiang-tien Elementary School, a mini school in Changhua County, to Ming-te Elementary School at Kaohsiung, Yu-hua Elementary School at Changhua, Mu-dan Elementary School at Ping-tung, and even to Taoyuan Reform School Agency of Corrections, Mr. Huang has constantly laid stress on the so-called “key man” theory. His persistence has nourished a great number of lonely and helpless hearts from the remote villages, softened the defensive attitude of the teens on the edge, and touched us all.

     Over the years, Mr. Huang has devoted himself to developing unicycle, and has been dedicated to using unicycles as a means to inspire the disadvantaged. He has not only established his business empire but also brought hope to many of the disadvantaged.

     From interviews and contacts with Mr. Huang, we learn that Mr. Huang’s remarkable achievement and success is by no means a heaven-sent gift. From his concern for different levels of social class and diverse ethnic groups, we are amazed at his philosophy of life and his well-rounded wisdom on the ways of the world.

     By this web page, we would like to introduce to you Mr. Huang, Chien-jen—the man who spared no effort to promote unicycle activity in Taiwan and what he has contributed to our society beyond his business.