A Maverick


caption: Mr. Huang is telling us a story.


     With a longing for an adventurous job and an expectation of using the pen to create something morally significant, Mr. Huang chose to go into journalism after graduating from college, which was distinctly different from his present engagement as an oily-handed factory man.


    Soon, Mr. Huang discovered that he was nicknamed “the king without a crown” to his face, which was apparently a compliment. But behind his back people would describe him as a “cultural rascal” because they believed that a reporter, with his pen, may make good evil and evil good.

caption: We are listening to Mr. Huang’s story.

     Mr. Huang closely examined what most reporters were doing and found that most of them focused on the dark side of things. Their news stories were filled with bloodshed and violence. What was worse, their negative reports made people lose confidence in society and human nature, making people’s hearts paralyzed.

    Although there were a few exceptions which tried to promote the bright side and well-being of society, Mr. Huang was disappointed at the job, which had been once regarded as sacred, and decided to leave for good.


     Despite the fact that Mr. Huang parted with the job he had long sought, he hung on to his principles. His moral conviction in doing things just and never doing anything conscience-stricken had not been shaken.

Writer: Chen, Pei-yi

Sources of information: Interview with Mr. Huang, Chien-jen


Fleeing from a Journalist Career