A Unique Self-made Enterprise


    “Not just manufacture and sell unicycles, we are more committed to promoting common good for our society,” Mr. Huang stressed.

caption:Mr. Huang acts as a teacher to teach us the theory of wheels.

    Every business is established based on a specific notion. This notion may form a specific meaning in the heart of the founder. This notion will come into play to lead the enterprise hang on when encountering difficulties and frustrations. Mr. Huang, Chien-jen is no exception. “My notion is quite simple-- to persist,” Mr. Huang said.


     For Mr. Huang, persistence is the core concept. “To persist is to let nothing trouble your conscience; to persist is never to do anything for the sake of profit; to persist is to do things not just for others but for your own good; to persist is to prove that you are a real diamond even if you are temporarily blotted out; to persist is to let your future determined by character, to persist is to help and to care for people of all walks; to persist is to go all out when helping others,” Mr. Huang illuminated his idea.

caption:Machines that combines steer wheels into a round circle perfectly.


     When asked about the future direction of his enterprise, Mr. Huang said that he was going to diversify to develop a wider range of products and services so as to keep the enterprise going forward. He was aware of the possible challenge of the technical gap caused by the retirement of master workers. “We may lose our competitive edge if we rely solely on producing and marketing unicycles.”

     In addition to business, Mr. Huang committed himself to placing equal emphasis on charity and public welfare. He said he would continue to repay the society by helping those in remote places and disaster areas and by teaching them how to ride unicycle. Moreover, he promised to care for the disadvantaged, special students, and many others.

caption:colorful wheels that fits all kinds of usage.

Passing on the Torch

     While visiting his factory, we were surprised to find that there were no young men working there. We were curious about it and asked Mr. Huang about the future of the factory after the senior employees retire. Mr. Huang responded with a sigh. He said that the young generation preferred the easy work in the office to the tough job in the factory. He predicted that if necessary he would have no choice but to employ foreign laborers to meet the need. Even so, he would still feel sorry to let the skills perish. He hoped that if his thirteen-year-old son would be interested in taking over the business some day, he would hand it over to his son.

caption:Mr. Huang teaches visitors the first riding lesson.

     It was kind of sad to know that such a prosperous factory should face the potential challenge and the uncertainty of future. But we believe that, guided by Mr. Huang’s notion, it will sustain.

A Good Example

     Mr. Huang has earned considerable popularity through giving speeches in many places. However, when interacting with people, he never put on airs. When offering help to others, he always went all out. He treated everyone with  equal enthusiasm. His admirable modesty and passion is a good example for us to follow.

Writer: Chen, Pei-yi

Source of information: Interview with Mr. Huang, Chien-jen


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