Unicycle and Love Go round Taiwan


    Whenever there is a disaster taking place somewhere and people are in need of help, or if there are any children that need care, Mr. Huang never shies away and is often the first one to come to their aid. With unicycles and undeterred passion, Mr. Huang would bring joy to the victims when they are down and out. He would help them relieve sorrow by letting them ride unicycles. He would help them reduce pain by caring for them, and help them go forward again with confidence and hope.

  Unicycle Fun

     Students were very attentive in class, listening to the teacher’s explanation. Their eyes met with the passionate eyes of the teacher. Beside every student’s desk is a unicycle which is the source of their joy and the close companion of their life. The teacher was none other than Mr. Huang Chien-jen.

     “Ok, let’s take a look at the structure of the unicycle wheel . . .,” Mr. Huang drew some sketches on the blackboard while making the explanation. Then, he led the kids to practice. He was sweating but contented. Seeing the eager eyes of the students, he said he never felt tired.

caption: Mr. Huang teaches children in remote villages


     Mr. Huang has devoted himself to helping the children in disaster areas to fix unicycles and teach them how to ride. He has done all of this with selfless love, hoping the children would get happiness and regain confidence. Those who have ever witnessed Mr. Huang at work would unanimously agree that “a hardworking man is the most handsome.”

     “Thank you, Mr. Huang. Many thanks,” the boys said. Just a simple “thank you” brought incomparable happiness and sentiment. Their innocent smile warmed people’s hearts. “Welcome. No problem. Unicycles brought you happiness, and they in turn brought me a sense of bliss,” Mr. Huang beamed.

     By unicycle, Mr. Huang has helped many children in need of help, which in turn has made Mr. Huang always have a smile on his face. His deeds have also touched many people’s hearts.

caption: the earnest teacher, Mr. Huang

An Example

     Mr. Huang’s love, devotion, efforts, and selflessness is admirable; his good deeds, his caring and compassionate attitude toward people are a good example for all of us to follow. We hope that every one of us can follow his footsteps, learning to give, to improve our society, and to help the disadvantaged.

caption: It’s so tired, but so excited

Writer: Chou, Pei-yu

Source of information: 1. Settings of photographs;

2. Interview with Mr. Huang, Chien-jen


Giving Love