Public Reputation


Chen Chang Wen lawyer

    Once allowing a Strait Exchange Fund general secretary, vice- president, incumbent reason Lyu law firm partner and executive officer is also the Chen Chang Wen lawyer that R.O.C. international law learned chairman of the board to say:"Although I have never seen him,I see him from the network and know that he is that one is very passionate, is enthusiastic about a public-spirited person at the same time. Mr. Huang is responsible at anything, I believe he will success at his business."

caption: Chen Chang Wen

Because the Huang owner's contact, the Chen Chang Wen lawyer also gives the children some suggestions:"You will grow up in the future, in addition to keeping oneself and supporting family a person, must give something back to a society.Huang Jian Ren owner gives me unicycles that the quality is very good, the follow-up serves also very of stick.I also understand that he usually goes to the whole whole province to teach the child how to ride unicycle, is a not only general child, have some to still keep comparing a minority and being full of a frustrate kid, he will be they devotion mental exertion, do a public-spirited activity, this is the very nice thing.There are a words speaking "do a good turn, have the matter done", we would like to work the words of feeling will definitely make great effort to do of, be like do homework and do well, the parents want the thing that you do, the classmates want the thing that you help, you promise to be for other people of thing, you want to have it done, this is"doing a good turn, having the matter done".Do a good turn feeling outside, go enough power to help other people, can also do a good turn, because we not only want to have the thing done and also need to do a good turn, these two matters can run parallel, not only not conflict, also make us do the time of each thing all very pleased.Hope I give you of the suggestion is helpful to you, through our interaction like this, everyone can have to benefit."

caption: Guishan Elementary School-Teacher Chen Hui Man.


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