Representatives Introduction

Name Giant Green Orange Demon
Specialty - good at eating recycling trash, and turn them into natural supply.
- likes to eat plastic bottles for each meal
- e.g. plastic bottles, glass, paper, metal, etc.
- good at eating trash, and will turn all the trash he ate into something useful.
- He likes to eat people’s leftovers.
- e.g. banana peel, tissue paper, electric wire, flip flops, etc.
Personality - lively, humerous, but afraid of hot weather
- mean to people who give food to him, but is very nice to people who knows how recycling works
- looks scary, but actually he is very nice
- very gentle and nice, and hates the children that throw trash everywhere.
- If the children listen to the Orange Demon, he will be very joyful.
- Although he looks mean, but actually he is very amiable.
Other - has lived for 200 years
- friend of Orange Demon
- friend of Giant Green, and has already lived for 201 years.
P.S. Because he is afraid of cold, he likes to wear his mantle.