Once there were two glorious and dynamic yurts at the English Village in Ling Jhou Primary School. They were ruined due to time and weather, and finally abandoned in the corner of the campus after our old building was torn down. As it is such a pity, our team determined to rebuild the yurts. Since we do not have rebuilding fees, we thought of the glamorous, trend-leading department stores in our neighborhood. There must be a lot of discarded trash. Thus, we visited them, gathered and reused the recycled materials. Turning trash into gold, we make the two yurts be glamorous and vibrant again, and become a small performance hall in the community.


1. To recycle the leftover from the department stores around our local community to rebuild two yurts.

2. To understand the recycling environment of our local community, and bring up some suggestions that can make it better.

3. To use the rebuilt yurts for the school and community to set up activities.


1. Collect old pictures of ourlocal community.

2. Interview senior citizens in our community, representatives of our community, and people in charge of the department stores, etc.

3. Collect trash from the community, organize it up, design it, and rebuild the Mongolian yurt.

4. Implement and analyze the survey for school and community.

5. Use the recyclables to make toys and design an environmental protecting tree.

6. Use the rebuilt yurts to set up a “Grassland Concert”.


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