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Campus Air Pollution Prevention Lecture

To let students in our school understand the problem of the greenhouse effect, our teachers applied to the Taipei City EPB to hold the"2006 Taipei City Campus Air Pollution Prevention Lecture". We invited 8 classes from the 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grades to join the lecture together. It was held during the middle and high level grades Bin Jiang Education Courses. In class, the teacher used vivid films, manuals, and interesting interactive games to let us easily understand and care about the relationship between air pollution and climate changes. At the same time it reminded us to think about how to act in everyday life to let air pollution disappear. Every school in Taipei City can apply for a lecture like this from the Ministry of Education!  Records by :  Environmental Scout-Jacky

Campus Air Pollution Prevention Lecture pictures

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Campus Air Pollution Prevention Lecture Student Responses

This time, the reason Earth is sick, is because of air pollution. Greenhouse gases aren’t wrong, but because humans waste and don’t care for resources, the amount of these gases increased too much and destroyed the natural balance on Earth. Luckily, there are also many people who want to protect Earth, and promote this concept everywhere, and also take action to protect the environment. Without these people, Earth would be sick and dying, thank you! We should learn from these people and work together to contribute a bit from ourselves. Below are some of the responses from our classmates :  ( Records by :  Environmental Scout-Ewndy )

Sandy  :  Protecting the Earth is something that we cannot postpone anymore, no matter now or the future. This is a long term job, we should work hard! And harder! More! And more! I hope that everyone can join in and protect the Earth. Let’s fight together for the planet we live on, Earth!

 Tom  :  I hope that this educational lecture can succeed in letting the students and staff of Bin Jiang Elementary School understand more about the concept of environmental protection, and join in the efforts to save Earth. Interactive games were both fun and educational. The films and explanations by teachers also allowed everybody to learn about the crisis Earth is facing and the ways to counter it through pictures. It was a great lecture!


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