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We entered the Cool Taipei "I'm the Best at Saving the Earth" Writing Competition

This time we joined the "Cool Taipei Greenhouse Gas Reduction" essay competition. The topic was how to care for the Earth and reduce greenhouse gases.For this essay, I had to brainstorm a lot, but it still took me a week to write the first paragraph. It was full of difficulties. I would notice that a sentence wasn't fluent, then I would have to erase 2 and a half lines. Next, I wasn't satisfied with the whole thing, and decided to rewrite it. After many times, I finally completed it. Besides receiving a good rank, I hope that after people read my essay, everyone will work together and join the ranks of people protecting the Earth. Author: Environmental Scout-Ruby

Cool Taipei "I'm the Best at Saving the Earth" Writing Competition Second Place--Amy

Environmental Winner
We only have one Earth, and it is the only place we can live. We should all treasure the resources nature has provided us. We shouldn't destroy these eternal treasures of mankind for profits. Nature is like a relative who takes care of you. Everyone should do what they can to protect the Earth.

The greenhouse effect is an issue that everyone knows now. What is this greenhouse effect they are talking about? The greenhouse effect is global warming caused by the excess release of carbon dioxide by humans, and the disasters it brings. Some examples are melting icebergs, sinking land, and blizzards. To slow down the greenhouse effect isn't hard at all! You can ride bikes or walk to school, and if it's too far take public transportation! Office workers can buy motor scooters, which are not just convenient, but also save time! It's a two in one advantage!

If you want to let the Earth recover, besides treasuring Nature and slowing down the greenhouse effect, conserving energy is also a way to help Earth. Appliances we don't use often can be unplugged. If not, they can cost an extra 1200 NTD in fees! Also, unused lights should be habitually turned off. Everyone knows that we not only need to conserve electricity, but also water! We can use hand washing water to water flowers or flush toilets. After accumulation, it could save a lot of resources for Earth!

Everyone living on this planet is responsible for protection the Earth. As long as we recycle and care about every corner of the planet, like our own child, it won't be long before Earth is healthy again. Animals, insects, and plants can live on generation after generation, and the broad ocean will give birth to many organisms. The sound of laughter will sound again from the green forests, the call of birds will ring again from the blue sky, and the Earth will be colorful again. Humans, reborn again will protect the beauty of nature and treasure her resources. If we want the Earth to become like this, everyone needs to work together, and change together, to create an unimaginable future for our feverish Earth. Environmental Scout-Amy

Thoughts on winning

My essay, "Fliers" won second place. It was my honor. This hard won reward is like a donation to Earth, in hopes that everyone will work together to protect it. The award ceremony was hosted by Mayor Ma himself, and in the ceremony, he mentioned the importance of greenhouse gas reduction. Because of this, the government is actively planning some activities to let everyone understand the current crisis.

Though I won second place, it was a bit unexpected. However, I think that if it's only on paper, it's not good enough. We need to take action now to show Earth our love for it, or else, it won't mean anything even if I had won first place!

Cool Taipei "I'm the Best at Saving the Earth" Writing Competition Runner-up--Ruby

Save Earth!
Greenhouse gases have increased in the recent years, and have caused the problem of global warming to become more serious. Healthy Earth is now in crisis, and is in fact, a feverish Earth.

The atmosphere's assassin- The Greenhouse Effect, is causing the situation on Earth to worsen. As a member of Earth, of course we need to rescue her right away! Conserving electricity in daily life, and, in combination with the fan, turning the air conditioning to 28C if you use it during the hot summer days is a way to save electricity and be cool. Besides this, if you go out, take public transportation more, drive less, and walk more. This isn't only good for your body, but is also very environmental. Also, home appliances are also electricity wasters. Even a refrigerator uses an average of 48.6 degrees of electricity a month. The air conditioner is even worse, 134 degrees of electricity a month. In the summer, every household uses the air conditioner, meaning enough carbon dioxide to torture Earth to death. However, if we turn the temperature up a bit, fill the refrigerator to 80%, and etc, we can let these appliances save more electricity than usual. Besides this, planting more trees is also a good secret to being environmental. It not only makes our surroundings prettier, it also reduces carbon dioxide. Besides this, use shopping bags instead of plastic bags to help the Earth a bit more!

Earth is letting out a red alert, because it has become sick from humans destruction. As a member of Earth, we can't just sit and watch it worsen, we need to start from everyday details and become an environmental scout, to fight for the health of Earth. If we all try our best, we can help Earth avoid the threat of the greenhouse effect and become healthy again! This could happen in the near future! Environmental Scout-Ruby

Thoughts on winning

Yay! It was so unexpected, I received a runner-up! Our class had one second place and three runner-ups! It's worthy of us Environmental Scouts! The results of this essay competition were great, with half of the winners in our class. Our efforts this summer were really worth it! When I heard this news, I was really excited and glad. Also, the ceremony is going to be hosted by Mayor Ma himself! What an honor!

Cool Taipei "I'm the Best at Saving the Earth" Writing Competition Runner-up--Herry

My Plan to Reduce Pollution

We are in the face of serious environmental pollution, including air, water, and noise pollution. Pollution is causing the amount of carbon dioxide to increase dramatically, and the greenhouse effect is worsening. The usage of air conditioners, exhaust from cars, factory waste water, and the increase in garbage loads, these everyday pollutants from people, are causing Earth's condition to worsen. If this goes on, we will face a huge bioenvironmental catastrophe. The plan to reduce pollution is something that is truly in urgent need of completing.

I think there are many ways to reduce pollution, the easiest and most direct way is from ourselves, like family electricity conservation, driving less and using public transportation, water resource reuse, and etc, are all methods that are worth trying. By taking part myself, I have discovered that there are in fact many ways to reduce carbon dioxide, for example: on saving energy, using energy conserving appliances, pulling the plug on unused appliances, turning off the light habitually, controlling the air conditioning to 25~27C; on saving water, using showers, using washing machines and toilets with water conservation labels, using washing water to water flowers; on reducing trash, reusing bottles, avoid using disposable utensils, use environmental bags instead of plastic bags, sort your trash, and finally, love what you own. As long as everyone thinks about it, there will be even more good ways!

The electricity bill is here, and through our actions, our family's electricity usage was 23 degrees less than last year, a success. I advise everyone to conserve energy together, and after combining everyone's efforts to reduce carbon dioxide and pollution, Earth' situation will get better! The North Pole won't melt anymore, and polar bears will be able to live. Earth will be able to live healthily forever! Environmental Scout-Herry

Thoughts on winning

This essay topic was a bit difficult, but at the same time, writing about it let me learn a lot about conserving energy. Not only can I help Earth, I can improve my writing! This way, Earth can also continue to survive. The results of the contest, a runner-up! I think I was great! If I had worked a bit harder, maybe I could have received first three! Amy was too good! I've got to learn from her.

Cool Taipei "I'm the Best at Saving the Earth" Writing Competition Runner-up--Jack

Operation to Save Earth

    Earth's situation is serious now, but people still haven't noticed. I've noticed that we can't just stand and look anymore! Greenhouse gases are slowly poisoning Earth, but people still do what they want and emit the Earth's toxin, greenhouse gases. This is unbearable! Listen! Earth's call for help is getting urgent, meaning we humans cannot keep silent anymore.

British scientific research facility the Royal Academy's president has warned that the impact of pollution on Earth is as serious a threat to human civilization as WMDs. He also said, "There are many impacts of global warming." Once global warming becomes serious, it will be the same as being nuked!

According to British research,, bottled water isn't environmental. Transport wise, France's Evian acquires its water from the Geneva Lake 1500 kilometers away. That's 14000 tons of carbon dioxide in the process of transporting. The PET bottles used by bottled water takes 450 years to decompose. Most of it is buried or burned, and only 10% is reused. Half of this 10% is sent 13000 miles away to China to process, more carbon dioxide.

The Industrial Revolution beginning in the 18th century has changed the old farming ways of humans, and has brought along economic development, raising the quality of human life. However, behind this development, the price that humans have to pay is painful. Because we over use the resources on Earth, burn huge amount of fossil fuels, and cut down mass areas of forests for farmland, the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is increasing, and enhancing the greenhouse effect, causing global temperatures to rise.

As a fact, the greenhouse effect use to be good for humans, but why has it become harmful to Earth? It's because of carbon dioxide. Well, why, you ask? Here's why: Organisms breathe and expel carbon dioxide, which is a main ingredient of photosynthesis. This brings about a balance. If this is disrupted, excess carbon dioxide raises the surface temperature, which is the hot climate we are feeling now. Obviously, the cause of abnormal weather is humans! So here, fellow humans, "We need to protect Earth!"  Environmental Scout-Jack

Thoughts on winning

For Earth, I was very serious about writing this essay. I barely slept for days to brainstorm on how to write this essay. When it was done, I felt very proud. In the end, I received a runner-up prize. How surprising! What gave me the strength to win this award? I guess it came from my heart, because I want to protect Earth, I want to protect this priceless treasure. Also, my teacher's help was useful too!


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