During one-year exploration of the project on the entwining art, the members think how to present the content of the entwining art and how to introduce the essence of the entwining art in detail. We attend a lecture, DIY and visit exhibitions. Besides we have an interview with Ms. Chen Huei-Mei in Yilan. We have an observation and learning activity with Tseng Kuo-Fen, the chairperson of the Chinese Entwining Art Association. All we do is to collect the complete materials. When we write the sentences, we need to choose the complete expression of words. We never stop thinking about how to catch people’s eyes in the website. To start from scratch, we do our best to make it perfect. This confirms the Zen of the techniques of the entwining art and the innovation that the craftsman insists on the tradition and constantly changes.

During the process, we have to thank our members and instructors. Because of the members’ cooperation, instructors’ guidance and help from other people in the process, we can complete the project smoothly. At the same time, we also have chemistry with each other because we feel appreciated. By means of students’ professional abilities, we want to make Taiwan’s traditional craft and culture popular in the net. We look forward to a wave of enthusiasm.  

Finally, through the website, we hope to give the new mark of the entwining art. We not only pass on the skills of the entwining art but also give the historical meaning of the entwining art and blessing. By means of the seniors’ endeavor and the juniors’ promotion, we combine the entwining art with fashion and make it stand on the international arena.

Student Team

傅鎂涵 高惠敏

李冠弘 林哲弘

吳浩愷 吳孟蓁

Instructor Team

洪美玲老師 李佳蓁老師 陳財貴老師

(left)Instructor team--(right)Entwining Blessing Team to create art works

With the change of time, the development of Taiwan’s craft can’t be limited to the tradition. The entwining art must be improving with the era. It combines the material and technique with the modern concept of beauty and popular words, making the culture have its meaning. To make the entwining art thrive and stand on the international arena, it must be a part of life. To walk out of Taiwan, the beauty of art in Taiwan must combine life aesthetics with culture to create business potential and opportunity and to plan a sustainable future.

The promotion of the entwining art is not popular. The traditional folk art with complicate process is limited to specific areas and clubs. The meaning and spirit of spring flower belongs to the social area. The entwining art can be regarded as art and human area. It should be widely spread and cultivated at school.

Based on the research purpose, we aim at the culture and beauty of the entwining art. Through literature review and monographic interviews, through participation, experience and relevant activities of entwining art, and through the website we make. We have four conclusions:

(1)We finish the homepage design of "Blooming of Twined Flower-A Splendid Revival of Spring Flower" and demonstration. We make people in the society understand the history, artists and art of spring flower, and other information about inheritance and creation.

(2)Through the transform of spring flower, we realize the importance of spring flower. Although we experience the boom of plastic spring flower and regard the entwining art as a family heirloom, this can't stop the inheritance of this folk activity. Spring flower can't be separated from people's life.

(3)Spring flower in northern Taiwan and in Lukang was once popular, but it became less and less with the time. However, some people still preserve this traditional craft and get certificate from the Ministry of Culture.

(4)The entwining art is a Taiwan’s special handicraft in the folk society, which has the meaning of sending, inheriting and praying for luck. To learn the traditional craft and promote the culture inheritance in today’s entwining art, it not only preserves the traditional culture but also has the business value. The history and art value have been integrated into the works of the entwining art. It needs to be collected as heirloom at each family.

The project plays a role in promoting the entwining art. Here are three suggestions below:

(1)Industry transformation:

The project suggests that the government should promote the life aesthetics of the entwining art. Through the cooperation of every academic unit, the government has to foster the education of the entwining art, focus on perseverance and inheritance, and then give advice in the creation of the entwining art and the integration and promotion of it.

(2)Cultural and creative promotion:

The project suggests that artists design the pattern of spring flower on various decorations or murals. And then they produce the creative cards, DIY hanging ornaments, which can be used as gifts or personal belonging. It is a win-win situation.

(3)Culture reformation:

The project suggests that the government should hold a culture and art festival of spring flower. It can combine with local sightseeing to promote the culture of spring flower.

We design Google Docs toward the project and analyze the first survey result. Furthermore, we design a “YeYingChun Hanging Ornament DIY” activity and get the survey result of the DIY. We present the two results below:

(1)The questionnaire analysis on the historical culture features of the entwining art:

We receive 201 efficient questionnaires from the Google Docs. The ratio of male and female is 4 versus 6. The ration of age from 16 to 18 is 57%. And the ratio of age from 19 to 30 is 15%. The analysis shows that the ration of knowing the habit of wearing twined flowers by the bride in the wedding ceremony is 45.8%. However, the ration of not knowing the habit of wearing twined flowers by the bride in the wedding ceremony is 83.1%. The ratio of never touching twined flowers is 83.6%. The ration of being willing to touch twined flowers is 58.7%. From the analysis, we can promote the beauty of the entwining art through skilled hands.

The questionnaire analysis chart on the historical culture features of the entwining art【Image source of the team】
(2)The satisfaction questionnaire analysis on DIY activity:

In this semester, we hold a “YeYingChun Hanging Ornament DIY” activity with the library. We invite 100 teachers and students from the department of Data Processing, Child Care, and Fashion Design. We receive 63 efficient questionnaires from the Google Docs on spot. The ratio of male and female is 3 versus 7. The analysis shows that the ration of feeling satisfactory toward the seminar is 61.9%.And the ration of feeling satisfactory toward DIY activity is 61.9%. The ration of being willing to learn twined flowers is 41.3%. The ration of being willing to promote the entwining art is 85.8%. On the whole, the ration of feeling satisfactory toward the team is 95.2%. From the analysis, we need to promote the beauty of the entwining art through DIY.

The satisfaction questionnaire analysis chart on DIY activity【Image source of the team】

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