"A workman wants to do his work well must first sharpen his tools." Although the entwining art is a traditional handicraft in Taiwan, the materials and tools of making the twined flowers are easy to get. We just need some materials to show splendid luster and silk of the entwining art. To promote the entwining art, Ms. Chen Huei-Mei renamed four techniques involved, including tools, materials, skills and processes.

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Scissors, rulers, tweezers, pencil, utility knife, cutting pad, gum
  • Scissors: Use for cutting papers, iron wires, strings, etc.

  • Ruler: Use for measuring the size of parts and cutting the paper.

  • Tweezers: Use for adjusting the spring flower’s posture, preferably with sharp tips.

  • Pencil: Use for making paper patterns.

  • Utility knife: Use for cutting paper.

  • Cutting pad: When cutting papers, it can be placed underneath to protect the table.

  • Gum: Use for fixing strings, and gluing on the back of the works in case of falling off.

String, iron wire, Bristol board, gold foil, pistil, hair ornament parts, paper tape
  • String: String can be rayon, kind of materials for twining the twined flowers. In the early years, the string is made of silk, red. Before twining, it needs to draw the thread, divide the strand and twine.

  • Iron wire: Use for making parts and branches; its ductility is good for adjusting the spring flower’s posture. No.24-30 iron wire can be used for creation; in this project, the No.30 one is used.

  • Bristol board: Use for making paper patterns, including the half-lip shape, the crescent-moon shape, etc. It is also used for making for the main body of the spring flower. 250~300-pound Bristol board or other papers with the same weight can be used; in this project, the 250-pound one is used.

  • Gold foil: Use for decorating the spring flower to create a distinctive visual effect. Gold foil and silver foil can be cut into long-strip shape, combining with the string. Then twine it in the regular and equivalent distance. This skill is called gold foil.

  • Pistill: Use for making the pistil of the spring flower when making three-dimension works.

  • Hair ornament parts: Use for fix twined flowers on hairpins, or use for fix brooch on the chest. Hence, they can be twisted with hairpins, U-shaped hairpins and pins.

  • Paper tape: Use for gluing twined flowers on hairpins and pins.

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Lukang Xiu Xian Hua: Peony

Hakka Chan Hua:xora

Hoklo Chun Zai Hua

Kinmen jihua: Daji

Kinmen: Xiaoji

Chen Huei-Mei: Peony

Lin Pei: Ying-Bride’s crown

Lin Pei-Ying: Hairpins

Chen Huei-Mei: Hydrangea

Xie Ya-Xiu: Blossoming

Shy Li-Mei: Jack and the Beanstalk

Mary Huang: NanGuan Instrument

Women of Home Economics, Council of Agriculture: Lucky key

Women of Home Economics, Council of Agriculture: Tulip tableware

Women of Home Economics, Council of Agriculture: Peacock brooch

The twelve spring flowers represent different meanings, worn by different people of different status. The twelve spring flowers are made by Mrs. Hsieh Chen Aiyu and Ms. Chen Huei-Mei. The introductions are below: