Tseng Kuo-Fen

The craftsman with the mix of Hoklo and Hakka Chan-hua

1.Blooming of Spring Flower-Chan-hua Creative Exhibition (2010)

2.ZhanCai-Chan-hua Creative Exhibition (2012)

3.Chan-hua Realm-Joint Exhibition of Association (2017)

4.Joint Exhibition of "Flowers Bloom Colorful Flower" (2018)

5.Joint Exhibition of "Sword Lion Spring Tour and Flowers contend" (2019)

Tseng Kuo-fen assumed as the third chairperson of the Chinese Entwining Art Association. From his graduate studies, he touched Chan-hua and chose it as the topic of the master’s thesis. From childhood, Tseng was influenced by his father. This made him fully understand the beauty and content of art. With the support of Chen Huei-Mei and Cheng Hui-Mei, he finished his thesis.

Tseng Kuo-Fen not only learns good skills but also participates in the rebuilding and promotion of Chan-hua. In order not to let the entwining art decline, he practices very hard. He aims at making 100 lily spring flowers. Through repeat practice, he understands its secret and writes them down. He makes the unchangeable Chan-hua more vivid. The materials of the entwining art does not focus on flowers but combine with poultry, birds and create new insects and figures as the theme.

In 2010, he holds his first Chan-hua exhibition in his hometown, Puli. Visitors are free to visit the exhibition and free Chan-hua teaching in the exhibition. He makes people who are interested in spring flower have the opportunity to experience it. In 2012, he displays more creative and special works, showing the creation of Chan-hua in Hoklo and Hakka. He always innovates Chan-hua and makes it have different feeling.

Tseng sets roots in the entwining art and holds various kinds of joint exhibitions, studies and teaching. He hopes to make more teachers in primary school or junior high school or people touch and find the special cultural content. The he can pass on this handicraft to young people.

Chan-hua works 1.Reach old age together 2.Blessing 3. Whisk the wall flowers 4.Blue dance in the mountain
【Source of the team / Image provided by Tseng Kuo-Fen】

Title:Reach old age together


Title:Whisk the wall flowers

Title:Blue dance in the mountain

Lin Pei-Ying

The craftsman of spring flower in northern Taiwan

1.Found "Ying’s Happy Workshop" (2014)

2.Spring Flower Creative Exhibition (2015)

3.Summer Flower-Exhibition of teacher and student (2016)

4.Chan-hua Realm-Joint Exhibition of Association (2017)

5.YingChunHua-Creative Exhibition (2018)

Lin Pei-Ying, a member of council in the Chinese Entwining Art Association, was a nursery school teacher. With an opportunity, she was attracted by Chan-hua. After that, she sees Chen Huei-Mei as her teacher. Through the strict training, Lin Pei-Ying undertakes the work. At first, she wants to give up. After understanding the world of Chan-hua, she conquers the difficulties.

With the passion and persistence toward the entwining art, she continues to upgrade her ability and innovate continuously. She does not want to be stagnant in the entwining art. Her works create the cultural landscape in Yunlin, like the works of Tung Blossom, Purple Crow Butterfly and Gold Bat. Being fond of nature worship, she wants to make different kinds of Chan-hua works in her mind.

Then Lin Pei-Ying wants to promote Chan-hua and teaches Chan-hua in the community and at school. She founds "Ying’s Happy Workshop", a base to teach Chan-hua and sell works, in the old street of Huwei, Yunlin. Many students’ works are displayed in the workshop. At the same time, Lin Pei-Ying hopes to help the disabled and make them have the second career. And she wants to make the community make money from Chan-hua and make Chan-hua bloom.

In 2014, Lin Pei-Ying combined tradition with modern arts. With a Chan-hua works-bridal bouquet, she won the first prize in the cultural and arts reward in Yunlin County. At the same time, she got cultural and creative award from Yunlin County. Then she holds a solo exhibition like "Flowers Bloom in Spring-Lin Pei-Ying’s spring flower exhibition" and joint exhibition with students. In recent years, Ying’s Spring Flower Exhibition attracts a lot of people.

Chan-hua works 1.Bracelet 2.Bridal bouquet 3.Swan 4.Offering flower
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Title:Bridal bouquet


Title:Offering flower

Gung Wei-Cin

The craftsman of Lukang string flower

1.New Year Exhibition in Lukang Mazu Temple (2012)

2.Teaching Spring Flower at School (2013)

3.New Year Exhibition in Lukang Mazu Temple (2015)

4.New Year Exhibition in Lukang Mazu Temple (2018)

5.New Year Exhibition in Lukang Mazu Temple (2019)

Gung Wei-Cin, named little Gong Li, is a spring flower craftsman in Lukang. One time she saw her aunt making Chan-hua. Out of curiosity, she learns with her aunt. During the process, she is interested in making Chan-hua. In 1996, she stated to learn from Xie Ya-Xiou. In the beginning, she felt frustrated because of not familiar with the techniques. However, she never gave up and practiced again and again. For her, the only one secret to make Chan-hua is to practice continuously. Now, she can make excellent works.

With the change of time, Gung Wei-Cin combines her spring flower with potted plant. She uses string to make the solid and refined string flowers. For her, she needs a lot of time and patience to make the flowers on the potted plant. Breaking with the tradition, she sees spring flower on the potted plant as her unique innovation. Put different decorations on potted plant with different patterns on spring flower. Just like a little potted plant sparkling. Gung Wei-Cin also teaches in the community and at school. In order to inherit the traditional craft, she does her best to teach the students at school.

In the joint exhibition of Lukang creative market, she displayed a series of fascinating potted Chan-hua. Her unique Chan-hua potted plants gained the popularity among people. They were often used as souvenirs which help to promote Taiwan traditional craft. Gung Wei-Cin often received orders from the temple. She made various kinds of decorations for the Goddess. Her works were displayed at the visitors’ lodge of Lukang Mazu Temple. Thus, she has the reputation for Goddess’ stylist.

Chan-hua works 1.XuanTingJiCing 2.Dialogue 3.Pomegranate 4.Kaleidoscope
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Guo Fan-Syuan

The craftsman of Hakka Chan-hua

1.Win the Champion of IBEA Beauty Contest (2015)

2.Receive an order from Lady Gaga (2016)

3.Create Cartoon Hakka Chan-hua Brooch (2016)

4.Found Hsinchu County Multimedia Art and Hakka Chan-hua Association (2018)

Guo Fan-Syuan, chairperson of the Hsinchu County Multimedia Art & Hakka Chan-hua Association, learned to make chan-hua with her grandparents when she was a child. In 2015, she put Chan-hua into wedding dress and won two champions in IBEA International Beauty Contest in Seoul, Korea. With the change of time, Hakka Chan-hua is disappearing. For this reason, Guo Fan-Syuan starts to teach in Taoyuan, Hsinchu and Miaoli Areas, hoping to leave the inheritance seed in Hsinchu.

Being a stylist, she combines Chan-hua with manicure, creating different Chan-hua manicure. Besides, she also uses the techniques of Chan-hua to make the tiara worn by model. The Chan-hua hairpins make the model sparkle on the stage. She ever makes a cute horse named nigga for an artist, Little Horse. This makes her be more interested in studying other cute Chinese Zodiac. She was also invited to be a teacher to teach some women whose ages are about 50 to make Chan-hua.

Guo Fan-Syuan combines her own techniques of stylist with Chan-hua. She not only wins the champion in Seoul, Korea but also promotes the Taiwan traditional entwining art making more foreign people know the beauty of it. Inheriting from grandparents’ Chan-hua skills, she shows Hakka spirit with her hands. When invited to join the overseas exhibitions, she had the chance to collaborate with international artists. Lady Gaga sent a message to her to order a pair of Chan-hua shoes. From this, the beauty of Chan-hua is popular with people.

Chan-hua works 1.Manicure 2.IBEA champion 3.Hairpins in the wedding banquet 4.Ornament
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Illustration:IBEA champion

Title:Hairpins in the wedding banquet