The entwining art is the traditional craft of Taiwan's intangible cultural heritage. "The cultural goodness represents people’s life wisdom. It’s unique." In the age of technology, the achievement of people's life wisdom and traditional crafts should be preserved.


However, the tradition that young people feel troublesome contains the stories of the background. The introverted Chinese use "spring flower" to represent the emotional connection and blessing of two generations. The spring flowers worn on the head symbolizes good luck and blessing.


The new generation reproduces the twined flowers through inheritance, and makes the traditional entwining art seen by people around the world. Moreover, the new generation can combine tradition with modern aesthetics on the international stage.

A chance happened on the booth of the spring flowers in the exhibition, “the Carnival of Art and Lifelong Education”, held by the New Taipei City Government. We were attracted by the little red flowers like silk and stood there watching. The red spring flower was worn on the bride’s head in the early years. We wonder when it spreads, how to make, and what the content and its spirit.

The spring flower booth in the Carnival of Art and Lifelong Education

After that, we surf the Internet and know that the entwining art is one of the preserved Taiwan’s traditional crafts. However, the industry time makes plastic spring flower boom. The entwining art has confronted a serious decline. However, each twined flower has its story of the background. It is the love and youth that the older generation wants to return but can't go back. Therefore, in order to find the answer of these questions, we start the journey to trace blessing. We want to know its history, skills and process, and let more people know the entwining art and see the beauty of the entwining art.

The entwining art (spring flower) is a traditional craft of intangible cultural heritage. It’s also the tradition and aesthetics of people’s life. Culture represents nation, and it’s unique. It is the achievement of people's life wisdom. The faster the technology develops, the more the traditional culture should be preserved. When our President, Ms. Tsai, visited Central and South America, she gave the spring flowers made by Chen Huei-Mei to four First Lady. The spring flower is famous around the world. This is the landmark for Chen Huei-Mei and the entwining art. It is gratified that Mrs. Hsieh Chen Aiyu had passed on her skills to Ms. Chen Huei-Mei.

Through this project, we want to display the skill and art of spring flower and some artists’ inheritance and innovation of it. Let more people know the entwining art and make it popular in the world. We hope to reach four purposes in the essay:

(1)We want to let people realize the history and meaning of spring flower through literature discussion.

(2)We want to let people realize the meaning of its material and pattern, know the relationship between life and people, and preserve and inherit the skill of the entwining art.

(3)We want to promote the beauty of the entwining art, make it become an art with aesthetics, and make it prosper.

(4)We want to promote the beauty of the entwining art and make it become the collection of modern aesthetics and art. We hope to create the prosperity of the entwining art.

Based on the flow chart and method, we want to investigate the culture and characteristics of the entwining art:

●Research Process:

     Research Flow Chart

●Research discussion:

(1)Monographic interviews:

We visit Chen Huei-Mei, the first preserver of the entwining art in Taiwan, Tseng Kuo-Fen, the chairperson of the Chinese Entwining Art Association, and Lin Pei-Ying to collect the first hand materials.

(2)Literature review:

Through journals, essays, books and coverage from the media, we collect relevant information and sort the history, materials, processes and skills of the entwining art.

(3)Field trip:

We visit the exhibitions of spring flower and experience DIY, join the seminars held by National Taiwan Craft Research and Develop Institute, Taipei Branch, visit the Craft House of “The Spring Flower”, and realize the origin of spring flower and record the producing process of spring flower.