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8.1 Related News Articles

1) TANews: Stray Dog’s Daddy Wang Feng Saviour of Dogs: http://goo.gl/uEFz9H

2) The Journalist: Wang Feng Gives People Faith Through His Cause: goo.gl/VxGiUu

3) PTS News Network: Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion: goo.gl/HoYlvu

4) Liberty Times Net: Animal Saviour Pilot Shares Story in New York: http://goo.gl/T1NfKB

5) Apple Daily: Passionate Pilot Rescues Stray Dogs: http://blog.yam.com/b787/article/50613850

6) Apple Daily: All It Wants is Some Food: goo.gl/fWRMzK

7) Jam Hsiao’s Dog Saved by Pilot: goo.gl/tXefbV

8) Peopo Citizen Jouralism: Wang Feng's Heart Wrenching Stray Dog Story: http://www.peopo.org/news/95272

9) TVBS The Saviour Pilot Sings the Song of Stray Dogs in Taiwan: http://news.tvbs.com.tw/entry/23879

10) ETTV: Jam Hsiao’s Lovable Dog Saved By Wang Feng Pilot: goo.gl/bEKmqG

11) Taiwan Public Television Service Online -- Our Island: The Next Stop for Dogs Facing Euthanasia: goo.gl/f2iQil


8.2 Contact Them

1) Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion Facebook Page (https://www.facebook.com/lifhg)

2) Dog Face (http://dogface.com.tw/)

3) Life Conservationist Association (http://www.lca.org.tw/)

4) Pet Walker (http://www.petwalker.org.tw/)

5) Help-Save-A-Pet Fund Taiwan (http://www.hsapf.org.tw/)