[ 3.1 Midway Arrangements ] [ 3.2 Medical Assistances ]
[ 3.3 Adoption ][ 3.4 Further Research ]



3.1 Midway Arrangements

「Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion and the Nursing Park are the main places of midway arrangements that the four founders have established in the southern part of Taiwan. There will be another Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion situated in YiLan to take in stray dogs in the northern part of Taiwan. In the future, the southern Pavilion will be a “Pension Centre” for the old aged and sick dogs, so that they will have a safe and clean place to live the rest of their lives. On the other hand, the northern Pavilion will be an “Adoption Centre” for the fundamentals of medical care and connections with humans. The adoptions and medical care treatments will take place in the northern Pavilion because the population density is higher, and it would be much easier to contact people who are willing to adopt stray dogs. By having two Pavilions with different functions, the founders hope to establish an animal shelter that would bring about more respect and participation from our society so that the stray dogs would have a chance to find a home.



3.2 Medical Assistances

Most rescued dogs are disabled dogs and female dogs who have to take care of a litter of puppies. Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion and the Nursing Park usually have Dr. Chang and other volunteers sent over to their facilities to provide vaccinations and ligations for the stray dogs. Moreover, Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion and the animal hospitals in southern Taiwan do work together so heavily injured dogs are able to receive further treatment in the animal hospitals. When the tray dogs finish this process of medical inspections, they will go through the process of placing them in either the Pension Centre or the Adoption Centre.



3.3 Adoption

Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion has an adoption centre that is open during the weekends for the public. People can adopt dogs that already have vaccination or ligation injections. Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion not only hopes to increase the number of adoptions, but they also wish to help the dogs find a second home.





3.4 Further Research

To ensure that the stray dogs have been well taken care of, Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion have further inspections after the adoption processes. Staff and volunteers will call or visit the adopters from time to time to get an update on the lives of the dogs in their new homes. If people are unable to continue providing adequate care for the dogs, Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion will be happy to take them in again. However, dogs that have been sent back twice will not be put up for adoption because the founders want to reduce the possibility of the dogs having difficulties adapting to new environments, which may lead to injuries and illnesses. Tracking processes are extremely essential because the founders do not wish to witness any unfortunate events happening to the dogs once they have been placed in a new home.