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7.1 Reflections and Conclusion

Sharon Lin

Before digging deep into the research for stray animals, I’ve already paid close attention to animal protection and cherishing life issues. When I decided to participate in the Cyberfair, we steadfastly decided on the topic of the loving and caring Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion. The Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion is an animal shelter that does not ask for anything in return. After researching on this topic, I’ve understood how ignorant the government is towards stray animals in Taiwan. This made me realize that people have to rely on their own strength and will to save hundreds, or even thousands, of lives. Nonetheless, the question of how many people are willing to make a change without asking for anything in return arises. The founders of the Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion absolutely put me to shame. When interviewing Yang Huai-Min, he said something that completely touched me, “Saving a dog won’t change your life, but you, its savior, can make a change to it’s life.” This quote from Yang Huai-Min allowed me to be more aware of the fact that in the cruel world that we live in, only man’s best friend will never criticize you for your flaws, and will always stay right by your side through thick and thin; and you, are the dog’s world. We should not be hurting these creatures who see us as their everything just because we would benefit from their harm.

Gary Chen

Frankly, before doing this project, I understood nothing. The only thing I am able to comprehend was that the lives of stray dogs have only one path – death. I learnt this by watching the heartbreaking movie, “Twelve Nights.” As I walk on the streets, I see stray dogs right beside me, and I begin to think about those images in the movie. And the emotions that I feel just by reliving that movie are so conflicting. When I decided to attend the Cyberfair, I, without a doubt, agreed on the topic of the Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion. After knowing that this animal shelter was created solely by the personal financial resources of the founders, I was deeply touched. It never occurred to me that in the distressed society that we live in, there are actually people who are willing to save those stray dogs, even if it meant using their own resources.
Moreover, during my research on this topic, I was taking a look at the episode “The Next Stop for Dogs Facing Euthanasia” from “PTV – Our Island.” After watching that episode, I finally understood the difficulties that stray dogs had to endure, and the unfortunate fate of stray dogs. I began to be even more interested in this topic, and I really hope to raise awareness about the value of lives and the horrendous destiny of these stray dogs that only have one path – euthanasia. After doing a reasonable amount of research, we went onto interviewing Mr. Yang-Huai Min, and when I heard about his story, I was deeply touched. Deep inside, I had the urge to do everything I can to help these stray dogs and help them find a warm home, and help them change their fate. After researching, I learnt not only about the stories of these stray dogs, but also the generous people who work extremely hard behind the scenes to ensure that stray dogs are able to lead a life that they deserve. As for the processes of this project, I understood the prominence of teamwork, and responsibility.

Samuel Chiang

In the course of the 2015 Cyberfair, I picked up many things about the skills that we all require when moving onto university, and ultimately, into society. During the process of making the website, I learnt how to utilize the right number of people and the minimum time needed to effectively reach our goal. Even though I’m the team captain, it doesn’t mean that I can sit back and relax while everyone else works hard to achieve our goal. I was allocated to the website-maker team, and even though we had 3 people, we still had a huge responsibility to carry. Our website-making team consisted of people who previously had absolutely no experience in making websites; thus, the job that we had to take seemed impossible. However, just because it seemed impossible to achieve, it doesn’t mean that we are unable to fulfill it. We began to push ourselves to our limits in order to make this happen. After the 2015 Cyberfair, my trust and determination for teamwork has increased.

John Huang

I’m overjoyed that I am able to attend the Cyberfair contest. This competition not only allows me to exhibit my skills and put them to good use, but it also inspires me to indulge myself in the research of any specific issue that our society faces. The issue of stray animals has been vigorously debated in our society recently, especially after the screening of the movie “Twelve Nights” that raised awareness throughout our society. Due to the opportunities that the Cyberfair provided, my team and I were able to further understand the founders of Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion. The founders relied on themselves and their own resources to further improve the status of stray dogs in Taiwan. Conventional wisdom has it that the strength of a person, or even two people, is not enough; but Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion crushed that mindset as they worked closely with one another so as to maximize their success. As of now, there are more than a thousand stray dogs in the Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion, and as the number of volunteers and donations begin to increase, the founders of this animal shelter would be able to further expand the shelter and provide better living conditions for the stray dogs that they take in. What I learnt from the founders of the Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion is their indefatigable enthusiasm, and I truly hope that one day, I will be able to apply the same amount of fervor in my work, just as the founders of the Pavilion have done.

Vic Hsieh

Cyberfair is actually a very meaningful competition. Not only are you able to exhibit your abilities, but you are also able to increase your personal experiences. I am a member of the website-making team; in the beginning, it was extremely complicated because making a website did not mean just setting up a webpage. You had to go through complicated processes and intricate steps in order for a successful website to be complete. Under the instructors’ guidance, my team worked together, endured difficulties, and gradually made our way to success. I am extremely thankful for my teachers’ guidance because if not for them, we would have never been able to overcome the myriad obstacles we had to face throughout the processes. Furthermore, I am also very grateful to Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion’s generous actions towards stray dogs, and also giving us the opportunity to work with them that opened up a whole new door to us about stray animals. Lastly, I am very proud of my teammates because after all the obstacles we had to face, we finally made it.

Teresa Lu

When we first knew about our topic, we were all ecstatic. After I knew that we were researching on Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion, I felt like we could actually do something that would make a change to our society, and that would be decreasing the number of stray animals that are put to death. In order to reach our goal of saving as many stray animals as possible, we had to first raise awareness. During the process of this project, we faced several hardships, but when we interviewed Mr. Yang Huai-Min, I was deeply inspired by him because his love and generosity towards stray animals show that stray animals haven’t been forgotten by society. As a matter of fact, there are many people out there who are very concerned about the well-being of stray animals; therefore, I feel as though it is our duty to do well on this project, so that our society would be more aware of the stray animals that urgently need our help.

Vicky Lin

In the hectic life that we live in, we tend to turn a blind eye to the many problems that our society has to face. By taking part in the Cyberfair, I was able to take a step back and take a closer look at our society, especially the stray dogs that have nowhere to live. In the beginning, I only had sympathy for stray dogs, but as I did more research on our topic, I felt something more than sympathy. We researched on Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion, and I absolutely admire the founders of this animal shelter since they used their own resources to create better lives for the stray dogs. When we interviewed one of the founders of the Pavilion, their determination to protect stray dogs deeply touched me. To them, the stray dogs are not just some animals left on the streets; the stray dogs are like friends and family. Through this Cyberfair, I became much more aware of issues around me that I would normally ignore. To me, this is absolutely an unforgettable experience as it taught me the meaning of life, and how to cherish not only our own lives, but also that of stray dogs. Furthermore, when working on this project, I realized the importance of teamwork, and I am very grateful towards our teachers’ guidances for without it, we would not have been able to reach this far. I hope that I am able to provide an extra pair of helping hands to better improve the status of stray dogs in our society.

7.2 Instructor Reflections(Bear Shaw、Wings Pang、Harriet Chien)

Kang Chiao Bilingual School’s participation in the Cyberfair and the recruitment of the team in the short two and a half years were mainly to fully understand this Cyberfair and the time and work we have to put into this. Other than professional guidance and help from the research team, we require a team of studious, curious, and passionate students in order to make this a project a success.

Three years ago, when we embarked on this task, we kept pondering about the question on how we shall guide a newly formed group of students. In our first try, we failed and that made us realize that we had to put even more effort into the Cyberfair projects. Therefore, we began to devote our in-class societies lessons to the project, where we had to work on our skills on web building and research.

During this project, we encountered many roadblocks. Since the different timetables for every grade, a team consisting students of different grades would not be possible. Moreover, due to the packed schedules of the students, it was absolutely difficult to come up with a time slot that suited everyone to come together and work on the project together as a team. For the problems stated previously, we resorted to separating the team into different groups that focused on different aspects of the project. This method would undeniably delay our progress a lot, but when we overcame the rocky path, we managed to complete the project.

“Applying what we know to what we do” has always been a central tenet of our school. While the Taiwan Cyberfair competition is a very competitive one, it will prompt our students to put that crucial belief into action. In a rapidly evolving age, the traditional method of researching has advanced into a myriad of ways to obtain the information that we need. Hence, incorporating the fast evolving technology into our research is a demanding challenge that we had to overcome, but in the end, benefitted us.

The purpose of this competition is to not win an award, but to let our students understand more about their homeland through researching about this project. During this project, we hope that the students would acquire knowledge that could not be obtained only through reading books, and this would hopefully develop their character and transform them into a better person. Thankfully, we’ve witnessed the students undergo changes by maturing and learning lessons that couldn’t be taught in classrooms. All we can say is, congratulations, all your hard work has finally paid off, and we hope to see you thrive and prosper through future projects and research so that you will find your path to success in life.