[ 1.1 Background Information ]  [ 1.2 Purpose] [ 1.3 Difficulties and Obstacles ]


1.1 Background Information

Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion is an animal shelter in Tainan City’s JiangJun District. Not only do they take in stray dogs, but they also adopt dogs from other shelters that were about to be put to death. In 2012, Principal Hsu Wen-Hui established the Nursing Dogs Park, where she began to shelter groups of sick and weak dogs that were about to be put to death. Until May 2014, about a thousand dogs were provided shelter at the Nursing Dogs Park. Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion was founded initially by Lily Oshiro, Wang-Feng, and Principal Hsu. Mr. Yang Huai-Min then joined their caring team of volunteers to work together and gradually expand the Nursing Dogs Park. Their only goal is to save all the stray dogs in Taiwan within the least possible time, so as to provide protection, care, and love for them.


1.2 Purpose

To accentuate the prominence of appreciating life, and to bring forth the usefulness of humility, expanding the Nursing Dogs Park and establishing the Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion became the main purposes of the Pavilion. In the Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion, the founders hope to create a paradise for the stray dogs, so that they would have a sense of belonging there. At the same time, the Pavilion also desires to set up a connection of love and warmth between the stray dogs and humans. By creating a heaven for them, and providing love and care for them in the process, the founders of the Pavilion hope to set an example of respect for future generations.




1.3 Difficulties and Obstacles

Without a doubt, everyone will meet a myriad of obstacles in life, whether colossal or trivial, they will be the keys to success and failure. However, there are some people who will decide to give up their dreams and hard work just because they’ve hit a wall. The founders of the Pavilion are different: they invest their heart and soul into the helping of stray dogs. When the Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion was first established, it was immediately recognized by the Animal Protection Association of the Republic of China (APATW) for their causes. Mr. Yang Huai-Min, however, reminded us that “As long as people are doing good, there will be people spreading rumours about them.” When Lily Oshiro bought about 1.3 acres of land to shelter the stray dogs, her motives were highly questioned by others. Many people in face of such dilemmas would instantly give up and quit, but Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion stood by their principles and refused to give in to the rumours and criticism. “A man knows his companion in a long journey and a little inn” exactly describes what the founders of the Pavilion were going through during those harsh times. As time passed, Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion took in about 300 stray dogs and dogs that were about to be put to death in other animal shelters. Gradually, Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion moulded their reputation in society and the message that they wanted to tell everybody was that they are truly doing everything they can to fight for these stray dogs. The downside of this is that many people turn a blind eye to their cause and hard work. As of now, all they desire is to carry forth their plans so people would hopefully realize that there are many lost dogs out there that yearn for a warm place they can call home.