[ 2.1 Lily Oshiro ] [ 2.2 Wang-Feng ] [ 2.3 Hsu Wen-Hui ] [ 2.4 Yang Huai-Min ]


2.1 Lily Oshiro

Lily Oshiro is from Kaohsiung, but because she married a Japanese businessman, she took the Japanese surname. She met Principal Hsu in a private meeting for a stray dogs’ rescuing event. They became good friends just after a small conversation, and Lily invested in Principal Hsu’s Nursing Dogs Park by purchasing 1.3 acres of land in Yilan. Lily then established the Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion. Lily flies back and forth from Japan to Taiwan, and vice versa, because she devotes herself to this community: saving as many stray dogs as possible from death sentences and diseases. She said that saving these “kids” is everyone’s responsibility because the dogs’ lives are equal to that of humans. Today, she serves as a crucial member in Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion.




2.2 Wang-Feng

Wang Feng is a pilot for Asiana Airline. In 2002, he became famous when he asked the control tower to get a stray dog to safety before he took off. Now, he is one of the leading figures in the animal protection field. In recent years, he met Lily Oshiro and Principal Hsu. Soon, he became a member of Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion. “If you and I have the courage to join this force, I believe justice will come one day,” he said. “Though we saved a hundred dogs, the society still doesn’t notice the circumstances they are in. But think about it in another way, when we save one dog, we change its life, and we will mean the whole world to it.” Wang Feng’s passion and involvement has saved thousands of dogs, and he has not stopped doing so.





2.3 Hsu Wen-Hui

Having great passion for animal protection, Hsu Wen-Hui established the Nursing Dogs Park in 2012. The Nursing Dogs Park only had a hundred dogs in the beginning, but today, it shelters more than a thousand dogs. The most important factor of this expansion is Lily Oshiro’s involvement financially, and her contribution to establish Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion. Principal Hsu hopes that everyone can pray for those poor little children everyday, and God will one day answer their prayers.






2.4 Yang Huai-Min

Yang Huai-Min is a famous actor. The beginning of his animal protection journey began with his encounter with Toby, a stray dog that was sent to Li-Feng Huimin Pavilion. He adopted Toby, and now Toby is part of his family. He puts his passion and time from work into animal protection activities. He once said, “I hope everyone is going to spread their love to other people and to those stray animals. The love will be unbreakable and infinite. So now, I’m working here with these passionate people to let the stray animals know: they are not alone.”