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An overview of the monographic program

 一、To participate in the contest category:

Local ethnic group in the community

二、Our community:

   Mingde Elementary school is located in No.119 Beitou district, Taipei City. One can take the bus or the Taipei MRT.  Get on at the Danshui Line station, then get off the Mingde station, when you get out of the exit just turn left. Take about 5 minutes walk and you’ll reach Mingde elementary school. Every Saturday morning, you will be greeted by a group of lively and cheery parents together with their children happily playing the samba drums. Mingde samba group was establish since Oct.11th,  2009 The group members said that they are enjoying so much, and that they will continue to play samba until their children graduated from grade school.    

三、A summary of the research project:


    Me, myself was  a member of the parent-child samba drum. I never failed to join or to participate in every single performance that the group has. I found out that the group has been improving everyday. In the beginnings, parents are more enthusiastic than the children. Maybe its because playing samba drums required one to carry the drum while playing. Children find the drum to be too heavy for them. Another reason is they can’t stand long hours of practicing. The head of the group together with our samba instructor Chen Hong Yue decided to let the children play smaller drums like the Caixa, Tamborim, and even Agogo, while the parents took chart of playing the bigger drums like the Surdos. The head of the group also divide rehearsal time into 3 section, we rehearse 30 mins and rest for 10 minutes. Gradually, we notice the children are starting to like samba, until the time they never complain even if we exceed the 30 mins rehearsal. This time, the instructor will let the group members to exchange instrument amongst themselves, so that everybody will have the chance to play different instrumenst. We also had members of the group who graduated from grade school last year but they continue to come back and play samba drums with us . From here, we can see the childrens enthusiasm to learn the drum was gradually developed. Were’re very happy about the development. Now they play the drum like they’re playing games with friends.


四、Fourth, the network environment:


    The school currently has two well-equipped computer classrooms. With an Internet connection ratio of 100%. Wireless network coverage rate of more than 9 percent  With the authentication of the Department of Education for wireless Internet access in the school district. The computer classroom is usually open to students at noon and after school hours. 90% of students has Internet connection in their households. The school also has some audio and video clips like the scratch program designed for students in the fifth and sixth grades. To enhance the students in their information application capabilities. The school library has computer-related books and computers for student data queries.


  Ming De Samba Band Rock!