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Thematic elements of the program

 一、Please explain what are the the plans, researches, and projects your team has done to meet up with the goals and objectives of the the "Taiwan Cyberfair"?


    We participated in different local civic organizations. Mingde paternity samba drum group uphold learning and innovation, and to achieve these goals, we insist with the enthusiasm to learn and create new ideas, and to never give up with these goals.


二、 Second, the special research is a project to integrate with the school, the school district or that of the National Curricular Guidelines.

Arts and Humanities - drumbeat

Computer - photos side repair

三、Third, What are the technological informations we use to complete our research project?

Digital cameras, computers, telephones


Fourth, What are the methods we use either personally or as a team in playing each role in this research project via online?


2012 Beitou District, Taipei 101 annual Kumin Casual Games

2013 Yumin inside the Mid-Autumn Festival

Peitou Art Carnival 2012

Peitou Art Carnival 2011

2011 Hot Springs Village - Lantern Festival activities

Autumn evening in 2010 Jianmin


     Activities between Yixian Elementary Schoool and Nei Wan Elementary school…….. Mingde paternity samba drummers was founded and the group has been involved in many

What is the impact of the research and what is the influence of the research to the You?


We have rehearsals at school every Saturday morning and it doesn’t affect the childrens school's academics. Although some of the group members is having a hard time waking up early and coming to school for rehearsal. The Head of the group always comes thirty minutes ahead of time, everybody just have to learn from this good example.                               


Does Locals learn something from our website?


We hope to be able to let everyone know that learning is a continous process. It doesn’t matter if youre young or old. You just need to have the right method and the enthusiasm to learn, then you’ll find out that nothing is impossible. Due to our luck of skills in the production side of the computer. We aren’t able to put that much number of audio and video files on the site. But everyone can be learned thru listening and following the rhythm of samba..


Intellectual property rights of special web page works

Our website photos are their own performances and exercises photo

 Joy samba by the Yixian country, teacher Chen Yang really provide


Eight found, lessons, surprise


This is Taiwan's first and only parent-child samba drummers, and the group members comes from different grade schools. The participating parents doesn’ t even matter  accompanying children in their rehersals. The head of the group and parents sometimes drove their car as far as the the Jinyue tribes within Bay Elementary School in Keelung, Shezi flower market, and other places. The children learn to grow, and the parents sometimes even exchanges parenting tips. Learning drums does not require you to have a basic knowledge about drums, or basic knowledge in music. One’s eagerness to learn the instrument and with the help of a Professional teacher, there,s no reason for you not to learn to play the drum.

Because our rehearsal was schedule on Saturday morning at school, so we sometimes experience some problems with the neighbors complaining about the loud sounds created by the drums. We are really sorry for causing so much stress. We never stop to find way to solved these problems.  



  Ming De Samba Band Rock!