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Fifth, the difficulties encountered and how we overcome them

During the time wer’re doing the report for the cyberfair, members need to come to school 30 minutes ahead of the practice time. Since everyone had schooling from Mondays to Fridays we only had Saturday to do the project. Sometimes we make use of our 10 minutes rest time discussing things, taking pictures. Everyone had a good division of labor. The smaller members takes charge of dividing pictures according to dates they were taken. The bigger members atkes care of the actual report like the contents of the article, work in the website, since they are more familiar with the computer. With the help of the parents and also the teacher, the children were very happy since they were able to finish the report just in time.


VI Testimonials of group members

Wu Mengxi:

I”m currently enrolled in Mingde elementary school and I’m in fifth grade.Two years ago, my father enrolled me in Mingde samba group. I need to go to school every Saturday, and I’m not sa happy about it. Everytime we practice the drum, I’m always in a gaze. I’m not even concentrating at all. But the teacher is always patient with everyone including me, and he’s always encouraging me. All of a sudden, without noticing it, I started to like sumba drum. I’m always early on Saturday morning. I’m really grateful for our teacher. I hope Mingde samba group to become famous in Taiwan, I hope we will be known not only in school, but in the whole Taiwan.

Wu Menglin:

I’m a third grade student in Mingde Elementary school. Because my brother is a member of the samba group, my father said I should join too. I’m n ot sa happy with his idea, so every time we had group practice, I’m not always behaved. I always have my tantrums and bad temper. But I don’ t know why, slowly and gradually, I started to like samba drum. I think it great and it’s lots of fun.

Wu Kunfeng:

II’m the father of Meng Xi and Meng lin .Two years ago I enrolled my two sons in Mingde Samba group for two simple reasons. I wanted them to have some extra curricular activities, and I want them to have more friends. Not only friends from their classroom, but to have friends outside the classroom. Because the group required parents to join since it’s a parents children group, I accidentally become a member of the group. I now played Surdo 2. Joining the group allow us the members to have time in parents child interaction. It also helps us to established a good parents child relationship.



  Ming De Samba Band Rock!