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Letter of authorization issued by Atunas Co. LTD to use data

We thank Atunas for providing us much useful reference data, such as things from their website, product catalogs, photos, publications and what not. We have also obtained their letter of authorization to legitimately use their information.

Letter of authorization issued by Atunas Co. LTD

In addition to reference data provided by Atunas, we have also referred to the following:


hatWebsite Information:

hatBooks and Magazines:

  • Bible for Successful Business Starters (2010) / Edited by Young Career Development Association of Taiwan, R.O.C.

  • 25 Ways to Forever Remember Your Parents Vol.7—Light of Hope (2011) / Happier Life Foundation

  • Courage, Beyond the Mountains (2010) / By Chih-chan Lien / Commonwealth Publishing

  • The Courage of a Mountain (2009) / By Makalu Gao / Bao Ping Publishing

  • Atunas 2011 Fall Issue

  • Atunas 2011 Catalog


  • The Research of Entrepreneur’s Strategic Intent on the Process of Corporate Transformation – A Case Study of Sun Own Co., Ltd. / By Yueh-Chin Chen

hatTalks and Interviews with:

  1. Atunas President Quin Cheng
  2. Atunas Special Assistant Wan-ting Guo
  3. Atunas Supervisor Tong-wei Chen
  4. ChangYing Outdoor Center Ms. Shin-yi Tsai and Ms. Guei-tzu Chen

hatImage Sources:

  1. Provided by Atunas(