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The Origin of Five-Year Fiesta
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The Origin of Five-Year Fiesta

The Origin of Five-Year Fiesta

 The major ceremonial activities of Five-Year Fiesta are to greet the spirit, to pray for blessings, ball-stabbing, joyful music and dancing, to send back evil spirit and to send back ancestor's (good) spirit the very next year. Everyone in the Tribe should follow traditional custom to participate in the activities; and make all-out efforts, devotions to entertain visitors and to offer sacrifices to gods piously. Otherwise, curses from gods would bring bad lucks.

 Legend has it Five-Year Fiesta was originally held every three years with the arrangement by ancestor (mortal people of this world) and world-creating god, Takalaos, of meeting with other spirits (good and evil included) once every three years. Ten days before the ceremony, sorcerer divines, invites ancestral spirits and sets the date, smoke- burning with millet stem at altar as signal, to guide the spirits descending from above and meeting with people in the world of mortals.


Image:Gulou Village Location of Five-Year Fiesta Ball Stabbing


 Then in a year when the Tribe was preparing the ceremony for the fiesta, a fight broke out because chief's two brothers disputed fiercely about the pole for stabbing ball. They grabbed the sharp end of the pole and stabbed one another to death. As a result, the ceremony for the three-year fiesta was cancelled five times. One day, a man called Limoki (who married a goddess and could walk to and from the land of dead and this world) served as a connection between mortal people and god. He said god inquired about the reason why the three-year fiesta was cancelled five times and why there was no message at all from this world. It is heard that, because of the fight between chief's two brothers, the original ball-stabbing field at Jia-Lu Lin's home was deserted and then the activity was moved to another site. The former “Three-Year Fiesta” was scheduled to be held every five years, which was later called “Five-Year Fiesta” at the present day.

Source:Paiwan Tribe - Picture Book of Gulou Village Image:Paiwan Tribe - Picture Book of Gulou Village       Edited by:Hui-hsin Gao, Yi-de Chou











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