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Native Language Classroom A Brief Introduction of Kuljaljau The Origin of Five-Year Fiesta Interview the Personage Happy Meeting
Tribe A Brief Introduction of Kuljaljau Preparation before Five-Year Fiesta Interview the Sacrificial Site Instruction of PhotoImpact
Serpent Old Trails Built during Japanese Occupation Era Sacrificial Ceremony Staffs Ancestral Spirits House Never Too Tired to Learn
Hunt Spiritual Fortress Utensils for the Ceremony Location of Five-Year Fiesta Registrations
School Location of Five-Year Fiesta Essential Rites of Sacrificial Ceremonies Spiritual Fortress Interview the Sacrificial Site
Ride a bicycle Ancestral Spirits House The Process of Five-Year Fiesta   Interview the Personage
Grand parents Marker of Ancestral Spirits House Greet the Spirits Native Language Education
Parents Hunting Ancestral Spirits House Ball-stabbing Fiesta  
Sibling   Send off the First Group of Spirits
Hand Please the Spirits
Drawing Journal Send off Good Spirits
Self Introduction End Fiesta
Afterthoughts Lift the Ban
Our Life Greet the Good Fortune.
Expressions Symbols Songs
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Planned by volunteer teachers at Kuljaljau Elementary School, Laiyi Township Pingtung County, Year 2007; Made by Goblin’s Aspirational Team.
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