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Goblin's Aspirational Team
Volunteer teachers
Goblin's Aspirational Team

Goblin's Aspirational Team

Name: Chan-chi Chou

Paiwan name: puljaljuyang 

Nickname : Hsiao-chi

Birthday :11/22     Star sign: Sagitrs

Personality : Cheery and lively

My favorite: Watching TV

Best friend(s): Jia-chih Chang, Chi-hua Cheng, Tze-wei

 I am glad and honored to participate in the Cyberfair. The holiday is coming and everyone is going back. It was fun in the Cyberfair to create animation and learn related computer knowledge. This is my best memory.




Name: Yi-de Chou

Paiwan name: selep 

Nickname: A-de

 I learned many computer techniques in the Cyberfair such as animation and also our culture. It was fun.


Name: Hui-hsin Gao

Paiwan name: ljavaws 

Nickname: Child Care(often take sick leave)

My favorite: Play football(have experience of going abroad)

 Teachers told me to join the Cyberfair, which I didn't want to at first. After getting along with them, I think teachers are right. Now they are leaving; and I feel very sad. I hope I have another opportunity next time.


Name: Jia-chih Chang

Paiwan name: sidang 

Nickname: Hsiao-chiang

Birthday:09/18     Star sign: Virgo

Personality: Optimistic and outspoken

My favorite: Working on computers

Best friend(s): Chan-chi Chou, Chi-hua Cheng, Tze-wei Hsiang

 We don't have class today because volunteer teachers are coming. It is great. However, it is a pity that there is no computer class.



Name: Chi-hua Cheng    

Paiwan name: unai 

Nickname: Good student

Birthday: 06/12     Star sign: Gemini

Personality: Optimistic and outspoken

My favorite: Painting

 Thanks to you that I learned a lot in Cyberfair. I hope there will be another one next time.



Name: Chiao-yun Chiang

Paiwan name: uku 

Birthday: 08/20     Star sign: Leo

Personality: Optimistic and outspoken

My favorite: Play football, reading

 Today is the last day we participate in the Cyberfair project. I am very happy and I learned how to use the computer, thanks to the big brothers and sisters. I am really grateful.



Name: Mei-jun Chen    

Paiwan name: ipagn 

Birthday: 11/15     Star sign: Scorpio

Personality: Introvert

My favorite: Play football, watch TV, comedy, and etc.

Favorite color: Purple

 Thanks to the big brothers and sisters in National Pingtung University , we learned a lot about Five-Year Fiesta. They played many games with us and they taught us a lot of things. I am very happy to know you and play with you. I wanted to say: I really like you and I hope you'll come to Gulou Elementary School next time. Remember to go online so I can chat with you. Big brothers and sisters….go, go, go…



Name: Si-chih Tung    

Paiwan name: djasa 

Nickname: A-chi

Birthday: 05/15     Star sign: Taurus

Personality: Introvert

My favorite: Play football( have experience of going abroad)

 I am happy to know big brothers and sisters in Cyberfair project. I was nervous the first time we met. We got along very well because you were so nice. Tomorrow is the last day; I feel sad but I won't cry. I'll smile and say goodbye to you. Thank you for teaching us the computer techniques on the Internet and thank you for being so wonderful.



Name: Huang Jun    

Paiwan name: uka 

Birthday: 10/22     Star sign: Libra

Personality: Introvert

My favorite: Reading , sports

 We learned a lot in Cyberfair project. Big brothers and sisters taught us many computer techniques and took us to visit Gulou's ancestral spirits house and the high priest. Thank you!



Name: Guan-wen Hsu

Paiwan name: udjue 

Nickname: A-wen

 We learned the culture of Paiwan Tribe in this Cyberfair project and the application of computer techniques. This is wonderful experience!



Photograph:puljaljuyang Edit:uka、ljavaws









































































Planned by volunteer teachers at Gulou Elementary School, Laiyi Township Pingtung County, Year 2007; Made by Goblin's Aspirational Team
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