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  Steps of Micro-carving - An Eagle
step1 step2 step3
Draw a sketch in the first node of a chopstick. Cut down the chopstick, and engrave the wings at the both side of chopstick.
Carve a V type at the positive side of chopstick, and then, engrave the face of an eagle.
step4 step5 step6
Carve a type at the opposite side of chopstick, and that is the tail of an eagle. Engrave the other parts of the eagle, such as feather, legs, Ketc. Modify the wings and tail to let them look vivid.
step7 step8 step9
Engrave the feathers on the wings. Engrave the legs from the bottom of the face. Carve the legs gently , and have some veins on the legs.
step10 step11 @
Carve the eyes on the face.
Sign your name, and then the miniature is finished.

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