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Forward Qin-Dynasty.Brick and Han-Dynasty Tile.
¡@¡@ The well-known ¡¨Qin-Dynasty.Brick and Han-Dynasty Tile¡¨ in Chinese history is originated from the square bricks, handrail bricks those used on archi-structures including waterpipes, chimneys, ground-laying bricks, chopsticks holders, brick pillows unearthed from the imperial graves and palaces in the Dynasties of Yen, Qin, Tsu, Han, Tsao and Wei (770-206 B. C.).

¡@¡@In the early Ming Dynasty (1,368-1.644), brick-carving had gradually become common, and the shape and usage of bricks had become mature, showing diversified usages.

The traditional archi-structure craft on Mainland China has covered three categories of carving.: brick-carving, wood-carving and stone-carving.
Brick-carving in The Lins' Garden.
¡@¡@ Over four hundred years ago, brick-carving techniques were introduced to Taiwan from Mainland China. During the Holland Colonial Period, brick-carving had been widely applied to the construction of castles. The brick-carving creations were mostly flowers, birds, animals, and auspicious objects.

¡@¡@In particular, brick-carving prevailed more than ever during Ching Dynasty (1,644-1,942 A.D.), being the golden age of brick-carving. At present, the brick-carving craft has gradually been lost. What replaced brick-carving are wood and stone carvings which can compose flexibly and can make molds easily with their diversified characters.

¡@¡@On Mainland China, fine brick-carving creations can be found at many official residences and old residential compounds; in Taiwan limited numbers of old residences, old temples, sumptuous houses are keeping some brick-carving creations, such as the Lin's Garden and the Saint Domingo City, where breath-taking traditional brick-carvings have been left for the coming generations to appreciate.
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