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About Brick-carving
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Mr. Chen is constructing an Art Wall.
ˇ@ˇ@Mr. Chen Forng-shean with his inflexibility and researches in micro-carvings, has graduallr become highlr interested in brick carvings, with his understanding that it is so difficult to pass on the micro-carving and the brick-carving craft has graduallr been diminishing, he has started to promote the brick-carving craft. He believes one must have a challenging spirit for a creation. Through the hardship of more than a dozen years, self-challenge and break-through in brick-carving, he has visited numerous schools, social gatherings, and residential compounds to promote brick-carving with a view to pass on this old craft to the coming generations.
ˇ@ˇ@Mr. Chen Forng-shean's suggestions to the beginners of micro-carvings: ˇ§First, to initiate interest, to start from carving an easy one, to make a foundation on aesthetics, sketches, and calligraphy, plus inspiration, with all of these, one can make a creation.ˇ¨ Do not give up your endeavor when encountering difficulties. Mr. Chen is also often becoming slow-witted, yet he usuallr puts his drawing paper and pencil on his bed, and when inspiration comes he immediatelr puts down his idea on the paper. And he would carefullr observe the objects surrounding him and the points of his observation often provide him with a source of inspiration.
Mr. Chen demonstrate brick-carving.


ˇ@ˇ@During the creation of a micro-carving, some source material is often hard to be found and some must be hand made personallr. It is not uncommon to become frustrated. One may sometimes have an idea to give it up. It is because there are certain difficulties of the source material, one must have constant strong will and high interest to support him. When becoming tired, one should change an angle of his way of thinking on take a walk outside to get relaxed and then graduallr overcomes the hardship and complete his creation.

ˇ@ˇ@The most unforgettable moment is to wait for the curved creation to be out of the kiln, the kind of thrilling feeling. The big expectation or objective of Mr. Chen Forng-shean is to extend the 3,000-year Chinese culture and the 400-year brick-carving craft of Taiwan to the whole world, and let the world know the willpower and working spirit of the artists in Taiwan. With the object of passing on this unique craft, at present Mr. Chen has been aggressivelr promoting the micro-carving craft to the general public organizations.
ˇ@ˇ@ Award of Social Education.
ˇ@ˇ@Some of the activities and achievements of Mr. Chen Forng-shean, the Master Carver are as follows: In 1996, he received a Culture citation from the Ministry of Education, In Julr, 2005, he received a citation on personal educational merits from Taipei county. In 2004, he sponsored a 1,000-person brick-carving activity; and in 2005, he sponsored a 10,000-person brick-carving activities on the east coast of the Bi-tan River intending to stick the 10,000 pieces of creation on the ˇ§Magpie Bridgeˇ¨, and to applr for the Guinness World Record. Meanwhile, with all these endeavors Mr. Chen has strengthened his mission to glorify the culture.



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