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¡@¡@ Mr. Chen's photo taken during junior high.  Lovely, is'nt he!
¡@¡@Mr. Chen Forng-shean was born in Taipei, in 1956. He was discovered in his second and third years at the primary school talented in picture drawing. His school teachers used to take him to join various drawing contests, and he appeared to be very outstanding. When he entered the Wan-hua Junior High School, he had practiced well in calligraphy and often joint penmanship contests. When he was in his childhood, his family was not well-to-do. His parents had four boys and three girls and Chen Forng-shean had to work part-time to support himself for school, and this helped him form a strong character.

¡@¡@ Mr. Chen's Oil-painting while in military service. Marvelous, isn't it !
¡@¡@When he finished his junior high school, he was admitted to Dao-jiang vocational school, and he majored in arts and crafts. At this school, his talent in arts had been further enriched. He was accustomed to bringing a note-book with him and when he was inspired he would take down the objects or scenery.
¡@¡@Because of his arts specialty, Mr. Chen was assigned to work in artistic designing for the barracks. After military service, he was admitted to the Central Engraving and Printing plant. He has been working there till now. Based his keen interest in carving, he organized a carving club to teach his fellow-workers wood-carving, bamboo-carving, stone-carving, sketching and brick-carving crafts.

¡@¡@Mr. Chen works with the Engraving Division of the Plant. He is specializing in banknote steel meld engraving which involves the use of special engraving tools. This inspired a motive into him to do micro-carving on micro-engraving. At first, he practiced drawing miniature pictures on papers and later he used steel needle to engrave scenery and verse on the smallest coins available at the time. With his fellow-workers admiration and encouragement, ¡@¡@


Mr. Chen, his wife and two sons.

¡@¡@Mr. Chen started his strong will to work on micro-carving. On May 27, 1981, Mr. Chen completed his first micro-carving, named flower and birds picture. From then on, he has been devoting himself to micro-carving for 25 years and he is continuing to make new micro-carving creations.


¡@¡@Mr. Chen married in 1976 to a lady working with Taipei Tobacco Plant. His ever lasting affection toward marriage is the same as his love with micro-carving.

¡@¡@He has two sons. Both started to learn drawing and calligraphy in their childhood. His elder son was quite gifted in painting like his farther. Because of heavy school work, they had to give up arts. Now the elder son is teaching at An-Kang Primary School; the younger one is working at the Formosa Plastic Building.

¡@¡@ Mr. Chen's two sons have steady jobs and can hardly follow the father to practice carving. They can only help Mr. Chen to do some chores, working on line, answering some inquiries on micro-carving and brick-carving.
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