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About Brick-carving
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     Steel needles, knifes for handcraft, knifes with an oblique angle are tools for Micro-carving. The creations of Micro-carving are solid. Meanwhile, Micro-carving is the most difficult way in those five types of miniatures.

Families of Panda
  Micro-sculpture blended micro-carving, micro-engraving, micro-penmanship, and micro-painting skills. At first, creator cut it with a knife. And then, the shape was engraved. Finally, the creation will be painted or written in penmanship. Alkyd is the important material of Mr. Chen's creations.
Seven-colored Dragon
     Engraving means to sculp with a steel needle, and to sculp words or pictures on creations. Because of that steel needle is colorless, creation must be painted when it was finished. “Chinese chess in a checkerboard” and “Verse on a teapot” are representatives of Mr. Chen's Creations.
Chinese Chess in a Checkerboard
     Micro-penmanship is a skill that write tiny words in materials. Mr. Chen says “It is hard to write tiny words. Besides, how to challenge different kinds of materials is the most difficult task.” Noodles, sewing threads, dentil flosses, match sticks, even flies, ants, and dragonflies are materials of Mr. Chen's. Mr. Chen's most favorable one is a mini-book of 300 Tang Dynasty Verses. 300 Tang Dynasty Verses
     Calligraphy is used for Micro-penmanship and Micro-painting. What's difference between both skills is that one is write words, and the other is drawing pictures. Mr. Chen's virgin creation is a miniature Chinese scenery picture that used steel needles to engrave the picture on a small 50-cent coin. A divine tree(Rice).

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