進入標準尺寸的圖片 進入標準尺寸的圖片

para grass

Mimosa pudica

Mikania micrantha

        The number of alien species has been extended from 20 in year 1896 to 4516 in 1995. Taiwan becomes a heaven for alien invasive species. This number is going to keep increasing in a larger-scale area and they will affect the economics and ecological environment if not under control. Alien invasive species like para grass, Panicum maximum, Mimosa pudica, Mikania micrantha, Fragrant Eupatorium, Big Bidens, Pluchea carolinensis, White Popinac are spreading in the gardens and abandoned fields, even in the national parks. They not only result in economic loss, but also threaten the existence and distribution of original creatures.

        In this unit, we are going to give a brief introduction to the threats and opportunities which endemic plants are facing and strategies/prospect of their future from the viewpoint of protect-ing original plants and biodiversity


Source: Yahoo! Stock Central News Agency – Alien creature harms Taiwan’s economics and ecologcal environment, management needed

Author: Shu Wei, Taipei, Central News Agency, July 6, 2004.


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